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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Companies plan, implement and manage cloud environments on Amazon Web Services.
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Top Value Propositions and Differentiating Factors of the Best Amazon Technology Companies


According to Amazon, cloud computing can be defined as, “the on-demand delivery of compute power, database storage, applications, and other IT resources through a cloud services platform via the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing.” Amazon’s own definition is helpful because the company is, after all, the biggest cloud computing company in the world, followed by Microsoft (Azure), IBM, and Google.

Amazon is a powerhouse when it comes to cloud services and cloud hosting, but implementing their products isn’t necessarily a simple or easily managed task. Many companies specialize in helping businesses migrate to cloud infrastructure, with specific technical proficiency in Amazon products. Below we cover the basics of AWS and offer insight into the differentiating factors of the best Amazon Web Services companies.

What does Amazon Web Services Offer?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a suite of cloud computing products. AWS is a subsidiary of and its services bring in a sizable amount of the company’s earnings. Amazon Web Services offers a huge range of products to its customers.

Product categories include: Compute (elastic cloud compute), Storage, Database, Migration, Networking & Content Delivery, Developer Tools, Management Tools, Media Services, Machine Learning, Analytics, Security, Identity & Compliance, Mobile Services, AR & VR, Application Integration, Customer Engagement, Business Productivity, Desktop & App Streaming, Internet of Things, Game Development, Software, and AWS Cost Management.

Who uses Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services is used by many well-known companies around the world. Scalability is a key attribute of AWS and the company is quick to promote its ability to serve the needs of websites with large audiences, and major data and security demands. AWS customers include companies across the business spectrum -- from startups to enterprise, ecommerce to public sector.

A few examples of companies using Amazon Web Services to power their business include:

Netflix - One of the earliest (and most demanding) users of AWS, Netflix eventually made the decision to go “all-in” on AWS and closed their last data centers in 2015.

Pinterest - The popular image bookmarking site uses AWS to handle huge amounts of daily traffic and data.

Airbnb - The peer-to-peer vacation rentals platform uses Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) to distribute incoming traffic.

The Financial Times - This respected business news publisher uses Amazon Redshift for data warehousing.

IMDb - The popular database site for information about everything movie and TV related uses Amazon Cloudfront as a content delivery network (CDN) to give users a powerful, fast search experience.

The Weather Company - The web’s most popular weather forecaster runs on AWS. The Weather Company’s huge amounts of data are stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

Amazon Web Services Certification

Amazon Web Services offers certification to those who want to hone their skills with various products or disciplines within the platform. Amazon offers four role-based certifications that allow for certification in specific disciplines. These include: cloud practitioner, architect, developer, and operations. Each role offers increasing levels of expertise, beginning with foundational and moving to associate and, finally, professional.

There are also a handful of specialty certifications that are add-ons to the role-based certifications. Specialty certifications include big data and advanced networking.

Working with Amazon Web Services companies that employ staff with active AWS certifications is a good way to ensure quality of work and the highest standard of execution.

Top Amazon Web Services companies are active communicators

Communication is key to success with your AWS managed service provider. Implementing many AWS products is a technical process that requires skilled experts, but the process won’t be fruitful if your team and the provider’s team are unable to communicate effectively. Proper account management ensures that timelines are adhered to and goals and deliverables are met.

Be sure to choose an Amazon partner that understands what your needs are, and will assign an account manager that can work closely with your team. Don’t underestimate the importance of culture fit and the ability to build solid relationships with your provider.

The best Amazon Web Services companies act as consultants

You may look at AWS’ long list of cloud-based services and feel you understand which ones are critical to meeting your needs, but a top Amazon Web Services company can act as a consulting partner to make recommendations that are tailored to your business (eg; whether public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud will be best). It’s wise to choose a partner based not only on their ability to execute on your demands, but on their capacity to identify challenges and present meaningful solutions. Look for AWS companies with a proven track record of consulting for other businesses, and be sure to review available case studies and contact references when the time comes.

How AWS companies market themselves

Amazon has designated AWS Managed Service Provider Partners, who are certified by the company as experts. According to Amazon, “MSP Partners meet the AWS Managed Service Provider Program requirements, including a third party audit of their MSP capabilities.” Designation as an MSP Partner is a major marketing opportunity, as it means the provider will be listed in Amazon’s directory. It’s also a selling point to clients, helping to establish the provider’s legitimacy in the realm of Amazon cloud computing.

While visibility within Amazon’s directory is important, so is visibility in search results for key cloud computing terms. SEO and paid search are thus an important marketing channel for AWS companies.

Content marketing is another critical arm of the digital marketing strategies of AWS companies, as it gives them a chance to develop themselves as thought leaders in the cloud computing space. This, in turn, builds the trust and authority required to attract clients.


Amazon Web Services is well-respected among cloud providers, offering a huge range of powerful cloud computing products and services. Most companies, however, do not have the technical expertise required to implement and manage these products themselves. AWS companies, also known as managed service providers, can help with migration, implementation, and management.

Things to know when looking for an AWS managed service provider include:

●     AWS Offerings - AWS is the leader in cloud computing. The company offers products across many different categories, including compute, storage, content delivery, machine learning, and analytics.

●     AWS clients - Amazon Web Services has clients across many different industries, from government agencies and non-profits, to startups and tech giants.

●     AWS certification - Amazon Web Services offers certification in a number of different roles. Companies can also become Managed Service Provider Partners by meeting a set of requirements set out by Amazon.

●     Communication with your provider - Strong communication is a key differentiator to look for in an AWS company. It’s essential that you have a dedicated account manager who can communicate clearly and effectively with your team.

●     Consultation - Top Amazon Web Services companies act not only as technical execution specialists, but also as skilled consultants. Look for a partner that can advise your business on the best strategies to meet your needs.

Top Qualities of the Best Amazon Technology Companies

Experience and reputation

Migrating to the cloud can be an incredibly daunting process. That’s what prompts most companies to search for an AWS managed service partner in the first place. But if you’re going to make the transition, it’s essential to be sure that the partner you select is capable of executing the migration successfully. Top Amazon Web Services companies have years of experience and solid reputations. Be sure to ask lots of questions when you meet with prospective vendors. Have they worked with companies whose needs were similar to yours? More generally, have they done many migrations for a wide variety of clients? Beyond experience, also try to get a sense of the company’s reputation. What do people say about them online? What do the employees say on Glassdoor? Ask for references so you can speak directly to clients about what their experiences working with the company have been.


Plenty of companies can manage a migration, but not all of them can act as strategic partners to your business. Top Amazon Web Services companies become true partners to the clients they work with. They take time to understand their clients’ needs, frustrations, and concerns, and include these as considerations for handling the migration. They will be proactive in suggesting solutions and identifying issues and communicating these back to the client. The value of a true partner can’t be overstated.

Monitoring and Support

Top Amazon Web Services companies offer round the clock monitoring and support to identify and manage issues before they become catastrophes. This level of care and attention offers peace of mind and reduces the burden on internal teams to handle monitoring. If you want to ensure that your business is supported, you should look for a vendor that will assign a dedicated manager to your account. They will act as your point person, available to answer questions and help provide solutions. 

Efficient Implementation

Migrations are complex projects that take time to complete. You shouldn’t be expecting yours to take place overnight, but you should be able to count on an efficient process that takes place within a timeframe documented in your contract. Top Amazon Web Services companies work efficiently to complete migrations within a reasonable timeframe. Be sure to discuss the issue of timing early on in the selection process and be clear about any internal deadlines you’re trying to hit.


Communication is key before, during, and after a migration takes place. The burden is on the client to communicate goals and requirements clearly upfront. Once those are established, it’s on the vendor to maintain regular communication detailing progress. Top Amazon Web Services companies not only have the technical chops to execute the project properly, but they also have the communication skills to ensure everyone is able to work together harmoniously.