Packaging Inserts: How They Can Boost Your Brand Engagement & Product Visibility

Packaging Inserts: How They Can Boost Your Brand Engagement & Product Visibility
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Last Updated: July 31, 2022

Do you remember when you last received a thoughtful gift? Or visited a restaurant whose staff were particularly attentive? How about getting home to a freshly cleaned and clutter-free home? The small details make a lot of difference, especially to the most discerning audience.

The effort you make in designing your packaging materials represents the quality of your service to your customers and how invested you are in their satisfaction. Your packaging helps you tell your brand story, share your brand identity, and fulfill your brand’s purpose. Every part that makes up your packaging plays a part in forming the final piece, including packing inserts.

Learn about packaging inserts and the impact they have in boosting your relationship with your customers, and how they can help you better engage with your audience.

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What Are Packaging Inserts?

Packaging inserts comprise the printed materials you can include in your customer’s order. This can come in different forms, such as the following:

  • A discount code for their next purchase
  • A “thank you” note
  • An invitation to leave a review
  • A reminder to tag your social media accounts when they post online
  • A guide on how to use, clean, or store the product they purchased
  • A warranty guide to inform about the process and your contact details

It’s one of many visual and physical assets that push your brand forward, helping to keep your brand personality and messaging consistent while also engaging with your audience in a way that benefits both parties.

Brand Engagement Through Packaging

The best way to reach your target audience is through storytelling. When you craft your branding, you’ve established your brand story, developed your brand voice, and designed your visuals. These all come into play once you create your packaging materials, including the inserts you’ll be including in each order.

With these branding materials to engage with your audience, you’re working towards your business’s marketing efforts.

Function and Form with Marketing Inserts

Packaging inserts, or marketing inserts, serve both form and function as they attract attention and provide beneficial information for the customer. Let’s use the examples above to set the scene:

Up to 70% of millennials wait for a discount before making a purchase. Discount codes encourage your buyer’s next purchase which they’re motivated to make at the soonest possible moment.

Including a “thank you” note makes the order a more personal transaction, especially if you’re a small business. Buyers feel it’s a productive purchase when they’re supporting a growing creator while also indulging themselves.

89% of potential customers read reviews for the items they’re likely to purchase. You can combine this option with a discount code that you offer once they’ve left a review. Include a note that informs them about it in the package.

Similar to leaving a review, a social media post from your customers about how much they like and appreciate a product can increase your reach and encourage potential customers to finalize their purchase.

Provide your audience with the right information on how to use and maintain their items well. This shows that you appreciate their interest in your product and want to help them make it last in good quality.

We’re all familiar with the booklets with the tiny text. Create a well-designed guide to better engage your audience and advise on how to claim a warranty for their items.

Branding Benefits of Crafting Packing Inserts

Why do packaging and packing inserts play such prominent roles in branding? As one of the customer’s primary touchpoints to your business, brands with the best packaging designs have the most opportunity to attract both current and new customers.

Beautifully designed packaging speaks to the products or services that consumers are shopping for, and they’re eager to support businesses that help them build the lifestyle they are aspiring to have.

Below are some of the benefits your business can experience by crafting a wholistic brand experience:

1. Spread Awareness About Your Brand

Customers are just as excited to share about their recent purchase as they were in ordering them. Whether they’re walking out of your store after a successful purchase or if your package is being delivered to their house, the way your package appears is potentially the first time many new consumers are setting eyes on your brand.

It’s vital for you to always make that first impression count, so design the packaging from inside out to the best of your ability.

2. Exercise Consistency in Your Brand’s Messaging

This is a way for you to present that your brand isn’t simply surface level. Imagine packaging inserts as one way to

Printed material to include in your packaging are like the cherry on top of the banana split sundae that is your product. Packaging inserts are almost like an adviser to your customers, presenting them with their options for their next purchase, encouraging them to share their satisfaction, opening up an avenue for feedback and constructive criticism, and more.

3. Customization Options to Embody Your Brand Personality

As an example, you may have designed a visually colorful and playful branding, but if the messaging is static and stiff, it won’t be a good match to your imagery while also preventing your personality from coming through.

With customized packing inserts, you can make it a pleasant surprise to your customers that they aren’t just reading boring paperwork but actually experiencing something unique to your brand.

4. Simple, Cost-Effective, and Impactful Brand Detail

Packing inserts are often designed in conjunction with and are extensions of the existing brand visuals. It isn’t something you typically start from scratch each time – you're free to update the designs as much as you like, so long as it represents your brand. Along with this, it’s an affordable way to engage your audience and nudge them towards a new sale.

How to Make Effective Packaging Inserts

Great design makes a lot of difference. With social media making everything a few taps away from being shared to a bigger audience, so aesthetically pleasing items have higher chances of being photographed and posted online.

This means making a design that’s mindful and informed all the more important. Use materials that are beautiful, engaging, practical, and informative. How can you achieve this? Below are some tips and best practices in brand engagement to add to your workflow:

Best Practice #1: Balance the Customers’ Needs with Brand Goals

Do your best to personalize a service for each client. Up to 80% of consumers enjoy a customer experience that uniquely caters to them. In customer service terms, make each one feel how genuinely valued they are all throughout the process.

Craft a customer journey or marketing roadmap, and establish set milestones for what you’d like to serve your customers while also keeping your own business’s objectives a priority.

Best Practice #2: Customize Packing Inserts According to their Purpose

Consider making different kinds for similar functions, preparing a set of inserts depending on the products or services purchased, and updating them as regularly as you release new offers and when you refresh your brand visuals. Remember that the inserts should always go hand in hand with the custom packaging for small businesses.

Best Practice #3: Include Ecological Effects in Your Choices

It’s essential to note the difference between being ecologically-friendly to the poor practice of greenwashing, which is a way to position yourself as being the former but only at the surface, marketing level.

Exciting as it is to start a new business and source for materials to supply this new business, be sure to keep the environment in mind and how you can be empowered and also empower other people to add Mother Earth to their list of priorities. Fortunately, there are several best eco print package designs that exist out there – you need only to pay attention to who is doing it and how well. Consider its relevance in the long run, and how you can apply and further improve it for your own operations.

Why You Should Make Product Inserts

As a smaller part of the highly significant whole, product inserts serve to bolster your overall packaging design. It’s part of your visual communication tool to introduce, educate, and encourage future purchases from the target audience. The following are some points to keep in mind as you work towards your new design project:

Key Takeaways to Marketing Inserts

Packaging inserts are brand engagement materials that help encourage your next user to make their future purchase sooner rather than later, or post positive customer experience which leads to an increase in awareness for your work

They are an affordable “cherry on top” of the sundae that is your head-turning product packaging design.

Let your brand personality shine through even the minor details of how you present your brand.

It’s important to be unique, but only as long as it’s an identity that rings true to your goals for your business.

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