How To Keep Your Business Safe From Cyberattacks With A Password Manager

How To Keep Your Business Safe From Cyberattacks With A Password Manager
Article by Sumana Ganguly
Last Updated: January 12, 2022

NordPass password manager

As much as 60% of SMEs go out of business if they suffer a cyber-attack in the first six months of operations.

Even surviving cyberattacks takes a toll because these breaches in business security cost companies $200,000 per year, on average!

One way to prevent these potentially damaging events from happening is by using a password manager like NordPass.

This next-generation password management tool helps businesses of all sizes protect their passwords and other sensitive data, company-wide.

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What Is NordPass Password Manager And Who Is It For?

NordPass is a password manager developed by Nord Security, a company specializing in cybersecurity solutions.

This particular utility stores all your passwords in a single place, letting you log in to your websites and apps with a single click. NordPass allows for accessing the company’s login credentials on any device, even offline.

With, NordPass, you and your employees can:

  • Save passwords with a click: Every time you log in to a new website or create an online account, NordPass will prompt you to save your password and remember it.
  • Import your passwords: The tool detects passwords stored in your browser that you can import instantly. You can also import a CSV file from another password manager.
  • Sync passwords across multiple devices: NordPass will sync your passwords across different devices and platforms automatically (works on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux).
  • Use Secure Notes: Keep your WiFi passwords, alarm system codes and other vital info completely safe.
  • Autofill online forms: NordPass’s Personal Info tab lets you store your name, email address, phone number and other details that you can use to autofill forms in a matter of seconds.
  • Organize everything into folders: Organize your passwords, Secure Notes and credit card info into convenient folders for easy access.

With NordPass Premium, users get access to even more functionalities, like:

  • Emergency access: Provide colleagues, close friends or family members with access to your passwords in a case of emergency.
  • Password generator: Generate complex and unique passwords to protect your accounts from hackers.
  • Add an extra layer of security: Use multi-factor authentication, OTP generator or a Bluetooth device/USB stick as an added NordPass vault security layer.
  • Biometrics: Unlock your NordPass password vault using your face or fingerprint which are impossible for hackers to crack.

NordPass is a cybersecurity solution suitable for businesses of all sizes. It can scale as your company expands because it allows for unlimited users and password storage.

The tool has been independently audited by Cure53 and has won several important industry accolades, including Easiest Set-Up Password Manager and Best Password Managers in 2020.

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NordPass’s Built-In Security Features For Businesses

This password manager’s admin panel provides access to a one-stop-shop platform where you can manage your employees’ accounts.

You can add, delete or suspend their accounts, have as many members as you wish – but only pay for those that are actually active.

To provide companies with full ownership of all the data and licenses within the business vault, NordPass contains these defining built-in tools:

  • Multi-factor authentication: Turn on this feature as an additional layer of security to improve the safety of your company’s sensitive data.
  • Password Health: This feature identifies weak, reused and outdated passwords that are used company-wide and mitigates potential security threats before they happen.
  • Data Breach Scanner: A tool that discovers if any of your business’s data has been breached and leaked onto the internet.
  • User Activity Log: This provides insights into the actions your organization members performed in NordPass.
  • Company-wide settings: Enable auto-lock, allow sharing credentials outside of your organization, set password policies, etc.
  • Top-level encryption: xChaCha20 encryption protocol protects all of your data inside the password vault.

NordPass also helps companies become GDPR and HIPAA compliant (the latter is valid for companies working in the healthcare sector).

NordPass is certified according to the ISO 27001:2017 standard that ensures the “continual improvement, development and protection of information through implementation of appropriate risk assessment policies and controls.”

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What Benefits Does NordPass Password Manager Bring To Businesses?

Implementing a password manager into your cybersecurity strategy comes with tangible benefits that concern your data’s safety.

Your sensitive information – figures, documents, files and other confidential business data – is stored safely, outside a malignant individual’s or malware’s reach.

But NordPass comes with specific perks, such as:

  • License ownership: You and your company have full control and ownership of the data within your NordPass business vault
  • Zero-knowledge architecture: Only you know what your encrypted business vault stores – not even NordPass employees can access or see the data related to your company.
  • Easy account recovery: Owners of NordPass accounts can restore any deleted account, even in case of losing the recovery codes or master password.
  • 24/7 premium account service: NordPass customer support is available at any time of day and week.

NordPass Password Manager Pricing Tiers

NordPass password manager comes with several pricing tiers divided into two categories: personal and business.

Individual users can make most of the Premium Free Trial that lasts for 30 days and contains all the standard Premium NordPass Features. From there on, they can upgrade to either Premium ($1.49 per month, one user account) or Family ($4.99 per month, up to 6 unique accounts).

For business users, NordPass offers two pricing plans:

  • Business: For $3.19 per user, companies can buy licenses for up to 250 users and get access to features like:
    • Managing users via Admin Panel
    • Saving unlimited passwords and other items
    • Setting up multi-factor authentication
    • Creating groups and sharing items in bulk
    • Applying company-wide settings
    • Recovering lost password accounts
    • And more
  • Enterprise: This custom NordPass plan comes with unlimited user licenses, includes all NordPass Business features + uses Microsoft Azure as a single sign-on, offers dedicated account manager support and face-to-face onboarding service. The price is subject to custom terms.

Make Online Security Your Priority With A Password Manager

Securing your company’s passwords, sensitive data and important documents is a vital part in setting yourself for growth and success, using the services of cybersecurity companies or not.

This is especially true if you own a small business or are just starting out, because 43% of cyber-attacks target SMEs.

Having a trusted password manager like NordPass provides a holistic solution for storing and generating hard-to-break passwords, managing your employees’ accounts and discovering security breach attempts.

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