Denmark Asks You to Chill in Danish Zen Tourism Campaign

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Denmark Asks You to Chill in Danish Zen Tourism Campaign
Last Updated: January 24, 2024

In an era of constant hustle and bustle, where stress levels seem to rise by the minute, Denmark is offering a refreshing antidote – an official invitation to chill.

VisitDenmark, the country's national tourism organization, has launched a playful marketing campaign urging the world to chill by visiting Denmark and exploring the Danish Zen.

In a series of billboards across key cities of the world, people from all walks of life – influencers, city planners, soccer moms, hipsters and even motivational speakers – are reminded that they “need to chill.”

Yes, it is a necessity, and it is best to do it the Danish way.

Source: VisitDenmark

Developed in collaboration with creative agencies &Co. and New-Land, the campaign sells the concept of a relaxing vacation instead of the usual ones filled with thrills and excitement.

Central to the campaign is a typical reaction video released on Monday that shows a female vlogger talking about the billboards and how it sounds like a “far-fetched marketing strategy.”

“First, I got a little upset. Who were they to tell me to chill? Who are they even,” she incredulously asked.

The vlogger then interviews local Klaus Hansen to know more about Danish zen and comes to an unexpected realization after learning that 47% of Danes have “zen” names.

Source: VisitDenmark

“Turns out, Danish zen is real. In fact, it's so encoded into Danish DNA that it has become a part of their names.”

The vlogger then goes beyond “the name thing” and explains how Danish zen is “this mindset, this laidback approach to life,” while showing visuals of how Danes chill.

“Denmark has so much Danish zen to give, I’m going. And you should, too. Because we all seriously need to chill,” the vlogger concluded.

In less than two minutes, the video underscores Denmark's unique charm, which lies not in popular historical sites, but in its people.

“Our country offers a wonderful blend of beautiful nature, cultural gems and authentic everyday wonders just waiting to be explored. But one of our greatest attractions is ourselves – we Danes,” said Erik Mortensen, the head of global brand and development at VisitDenmark.

The campaign is all about letting people from around the world know that there is a way to really unwind and take a break from their busy lives without having to feel pressured to plan an action-packed holiday.

“When you see the world with slightly different eyes, you open yourself up to experiences you might otherwise overlook. That’s the spirit of the Danish zen,” explained. Jeppe Hansen, senior art director at & Co.

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