Up Your Instagram Game with Canva's New Android App

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Up Your Instagram Game with Canva's New Android App
Article by Bisera Stankovska
Last Updated: December 06, 2017

Christmas came early for Android users. That's right, the long-asked-for Canva app for Android is officially here!

We know, we know -- those of you who are graphic designers have no need for Canva... you've got all the talent you need in the palm of your hand. And good for you!

But those of us whose design expertise lies on a different plane can benefit from Design for Dummies. After all, we've all seen startup small businesses that let their design fall to the wayside because there's just not enough cash in their lean budget to invest in it yet. Canva is the perfect solution for those hoping to have halfway decent graphics while they gather funds for custom designs. This is a new audience segmentation for Canva

The new Canva app is simple and easy to use. If you send and receive green text messages (RIP iMessage), just input your number over here and Canva will text you a link to download the app. 

Canva App Onboarding

Once you're in, you'll get a succinct onboarding process that takes you through the designs you can create while simultaneously Netflixing. 

Canva App Templates

From there, you'll be able to choose from various presized templates for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, invitations, flyers and more. It's simple enough that no business ever has an excuse for a terrible design (although, they DEFINITELY should invest in some custom designs from ~actual~ graphic designers down the road).  

Will you be taking advantage of Canva for your business or social media accounts? Share your success stories below! (Don't worry -- this wasn't sponsored. We're really just curious.)

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