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DesignRush compiled a comprehensive list of the best SAP consulting companies. Each SAP companies listed below offers business processes, operations management systems, CRM integrations, cloud-based applications, and more. Search for your next professional partner firm by clients, prior work, cost and more in the table below!


SAP Consulting: A Complete Guide

Benefits Of SAP Consulting

Top SAP consultants are, first and foremost, experts in ERP software -- including SAP. They understand each and every component and customization available and can help businesses choose the types of SAP enterprise resource software that will create a stronger overall strategy and grow their business.

Plus, enterprise resource planning software, such as SAP, is complicated in nature. Due to the many baseline functionalities and additional features that can be added retroactively, each business has a different SAP system that needs different consideration -- something that reliable consultants can provide.


No two businesses are exactly the same, and thus, each company will need different SAP software features. Luckily, the best SAP software consultants are able to work directly with clients to determine the functions that will ultimately increase revenue or help a brand expand.

In addition, consultants will be able to connect the various features, allowing certain users to see how all incoming business information relates. Executives and business leaders can then identify trends and formulate stronger strategies -- particularly cross-departmental initiatives -- aimed at growing the business.


In the digital age, cloud-based programs are increasing helpful to businesses. So long as companies invest in reliable cyber-security, data can be instantly gathered and placed in the platform. It can then be reached instantly by users who have been granted access from nearly any Internet-accessible device. Top SAP consultants can both facilitate this cloud-based platform and maintain its functionality anywhere.

This online collaboration through SAP software is incredibly important, as more people than before ever are working remotely -- a trend that is not likely to slow down. Studies show that remote employees are actually more productive and have a stronger work-life balance, which increases retention rates.

Risk Management

The best SAP consulting companies have strong expertise and top resources that enable them to protect your digitally-stored information. Many SAP software security factors happen during implementation. These can include poor strategy, subpar teamwork and, ultimately, ineffective execution.

But reliable SAP consultants take the time to plan enterprise resource systems well and take care in deploying them successfully while protecting your information. In addition, consultants have an organized process in place to immediately retrieve and protect your sensitive information, should a data breach ever occur.

Real-Time Reports

With the assistance of top SAP software and great consultants, companies will be granted access to data, analytics, and information in real-time. They no longer will be waiting for performance metrics and can, therefore, adjust any campaigns accordingly.

These real-time reports also help businesses surpass the competition. Concrete numbers and data are often strong indicators of consumer preferences and emerging trends. By securing this information immediately, brands have a stronger chance of staying ahead of popular marketing or business trends instead of implementing them after they’ve become mainstream.

How SAP Software Is USed

SAP Software, Defined

SAP software is used for ERP, or enterprise resource planning. Essentially, enterprise resource planning streamlines all major initiatives that a business is executing and logistical information that they have, such as revenue, employee salaries and performance, and more. When businesses have access to this information, the can make more informed, strategically aimed at growing the business.

ERP software, such as SAP, can be customized for a business’s relevant data and real-time reporting needs. SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in data processing, which correctly implies that its software is both robust and all-encompassing.


Accounting platforms, such as SAP software, allows business to track their finances in real time. This software monitors expenditures, operational costs, paid marketing campaigns, manufacturing, distribution and revenue.

Notably, SAP accounting software doesn’t just track one department -- instead, it can collect information across the entire business. Then empowers businesses to make better large-scale decisions that could grow the business. In addition, funneling all of this information into one easy-to-use program increases productivity and simplifies typically complicated daily finance tasks.


Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms help businesses interact with clients, customers and complete internal tasks with ease. SAP software integrates directly with CRMs to improve functionality. Some of these added features include stronger personalization, more accurate and comprehensive data gathering, and in-memory technology that can span many channels.

CRM programs are typically used in marketing, sales, commerce or customer service roles, and can provide analytics, personalization, social media and e-commerce integrations, and store important information that is both input by employees and gathered automatically.

Human Resources

Attracting the best experts and professions is a tedious task, but SAP software can make the process a little less frantic. With enterprise resource planning software, companies can recruit candidates, filter through resumes and initiate the first contact from one digital destination.

In addition, SAP software helps companies plan future growth. Businesses can integrate their human resources features with accounting and management functions to see funds available for each department, campaigns that are in the pipeline, and more.


SAP software can maintain internal information, such as employee performance, annual reviews, salaries, and departmental goals. This helps various branches within a company to better manage teams and achieve objectives.

Plus, larger businesses don’t have to choose just one SAP software service. Instead, they can utilize top SAP consulting companies to hand-pick the features they need, creating a customized program that fulfills all of their business needs and catalogs them in one database. Users within each business can then access the information they need to succeed, while higher-level executives can view all data and use the information to make company-wide decisions.

How To Choose The Best SAP Consulting Agency

Your Needs

Before you commit to an SAP consulting company, first take stock of your brand’s requirements. Ask yourself what initiatives are going well and which ones could use some assistance. Determine if any inter-departmental work is on the horizon. Understand the direction your company is growing in.

Only after you define your own needs can you find the best SAP consulting firm to work with. Your perfect partner will have experience in the features and functions you require. In addition, SAP experts will have strong insight into additional features that may benefit you, even if you haven’t thought of them yet.


After you have determined all objectives, deliverables, timelines, and team members, strike a pricing agreement with your SAP consultant. Make sure to note if this cost includes additional support, cybersecurity, and any programs or additional fees.

Then, work with your legal team to create a comprehensive contract. This will outline all of the project specs, curb your expectations, and keep your SAP consultant honest, ultimately protecting you both and fostering a positive working environment.

Prior Work

SAP consultant’s previous experience is a strong indicator of the work they can do for your business. First, take the time to research their client list, expertise and previous projects autonomously. Then, ask potential consulting companies about the prior work they have done.

Pay special attention to the business objectives they’ve found solutions for that resemble yours, as well as both successful and failed projects -- but don’t be totally turned off by the latter! The best SAP consultants will be able to share the valuable lessons they learned from unsuccessful software projects, which is a good sign of ever-growing knowledge.


Once you have outlined who will be working on your project and what your goals are, the best SAP consultants will work directly with a client to determine business goals and formulate a strategy. By doing so, they can help businesses secure the functionalities they need to improve their productivity and reach more consumers.

Take the time to understand their collaboration process with clients -- this could be telling in terms of how easy or difficult they may be to work side-by-side with. Also, ask any potential SAP consulting companies how they will create project timeline and make sure it stays on track.


Each SAP software project requires a different level of support. Some may be a quick update, while others are comprehensive implementations. Ensure you understand the expertise and support and consulting agency is both able to give and willing to give for your price point.

In addition, don’t forget to ask SAP consultants how much assistance you can expect once the software has gone live. Outline who will be responsible for updates, employee onboarding and cybersecurity maintenance. Plus, learn if they plan to place a consultant directly in your office for any length of time.

Questions To Ask Top SAP Consulting Companies


The best SAP consultants should have a robust list of clients and past projects. Do your own homework to see who any potential agencies have worked with. Then, ask them directly about client satisfaction and prior software success stories.

  • What clients, past or present, have you worked with?
  • Tell us about the project you completed for them. What was the result?  
  • Are any of them repeat clients?
  • Would anyone be willing to speak with us directly regarding their professional experience working with you?


From collaboration to strategy-building to integration, the best SAP consulting companies have a clear, organized work process to achieve success. Ask the questions below to determine if a consultant’s work ethic and timeline match with your brand’s expectations, and outline the subsequent support you will receive.

  • How do you plan to understand our brand and business goals?
  • How often can we expect meetings, updates, and reports?
  • Who will our point of contact be?
  • How long do you anticipate the project will take?
  • How will you keep the project on track?
  • What methods will you use to ensure deadlines are met?


SAP software implementations that are successful, effective and low-risk are directly correlated with the team completing the tasks. As you are searching for potential SAP consulting companies, ask exactly who will be working on your project and determine if they are qualified.

  • How many people will be working on our project?
  • What is their expertise?
  • What tasks will they complete in our SAP implementation?
  • Have they solved similar business problems before?
  • Have they worked with like brands or industries in the past?
  • Will they be dedicated to our project or working on other simultaneously?


Because SAP consultants implement projects of various sizes and features, no two projects will cost the same. Before you commit to an SAP consulting company, take the time to understand exactly which services you are getting and how much support you can expect.

  • How much will the project cost?
  • Exactly what services and team members are we paying for?
  • Will we receive any maintenance support following the project?
  • Do you plan to place someone in our office full-time or part-time?
  • Should we anticipate any additional fees? If so, for what?
  • How often will we be billed?


Top SAP consulting companies work with clients to implement features aimed to reach business growth goals. While they can’t guarantee you’ll reach campaign-specific objectives, reliable experts can outline software-specific goals such as security and functionality performance.

  • What parameters will you need to meet to determine this project is successful?
  • What attainable goals will you set for this project?
  • How do you plan to measure the success?
  • How will you secure our data and information?
  • Who is responsible should there be a data breach?

How The Best SAP Consulting Companies Grow Businesses


The best SAP consulting companies empower businesses to create stronger business growth strategies across the board. They work with employees to determine strengths, weaknesses, and goals, identify the SAP functions they need to achieve objectives, then implement a safe and reliable environment to work in.

Once businesses have access to SAP software, they can create successful initiatives within their departments. In addition, businesses can view inter-departmental information and create multi-level campaigns without worrying that they missed any important information that may affect a project.


Collaboration is key with the best SAP consulting companies. Firstly, the work directly with clients to determine their specific goals, both large and small. This teamwork determines the SAP software features a business eventually has.

In addition, the deployment of said software also increases collaboration within the business itself. By giving the business access to accurate information, departments and team leaders can work together on large-scale projects with greater efficiency. In addition, the remote cloud-based storage ensures effective collaboration is not hindered by geography.


SAP software and other ERP programs can drastically increase savings for businesses by cutting operational costs. As with many digital platforms, streamlining information into one comprehensive platform reduces the need to build or pay for several software programs -- which, likely, won’t integrate easily with one another, either.

Additionally, utilizing SAP consultants will reduce any administrative costs that businesses would normally need to budget for. Most outsourced work is less expensive than in-house employees, often because businesses no longer need to pay for certain benefits or assistance is contracted for a certain period of time.

Cyber Security

SAP software has its own comprehensive system in place to protect your information. The best SAP consulting companies are familiar with this process and able to implement new software and features without opening a hole for data breaches to occur. However, should an issue arise, the consultants will jump into action, removing viruses, retrieving information, and securing sensitive data.

Plus, top SAP consultants will continue to maintain your SAP platform, ensuring you have the latest updates and top security programs. Their assistance will continually safeguard both cloud-based and on-site information from malware, cyber attacks, data breaches and more.


Enlisting the help of top SAP consultants directly improves a business’s overall productivity. In addition to ultimately receiving a program that will automatically gather and sort relevant information, businesses no longer have to take the time to find and categorize those analytics or implement and maintain an SAP platform.

Businesses can also use their new SAP software to manage their actual workflows and progress in real time. Managers can track campaign status, sales performance, website conversions, and even employee reviews. Access to this information ensures that a business’s overall productivity will improve with the help of great SAP consultants.