What Makes Social Media Agencies in Melbourne Unique?

Melbourne is Australia's second-largest city and the capital of Victoria. Greater Melbourne's area is approximately 9900 km² of flat basalt plains to the west and has a population of more than 5 million. As one of Australia's most extensive business networks, it provides vast networking possibilities. 

When it comes to social media agencies in Melbourne, they are a part of the larger structure that is connected with the whole Australian digital market. And as of April 2022, 89% of Australia's total population are Internet users, 23.60 million users, and 82.7% of those use social media. 

For example, the possibility of working on complex eCommerce projects is high due to travel and mobility curtailed, and 75% of Australians do shopping in a wide range of markets. 

These numbers create an excellent basis for the development of Melbourne's network of clients, which brings more experience and diversity in projects and industries. 

Social platforms that are mainly used to get first-hand information about a particular brand are as follows: 

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Pinterest 
  • And more 

Public engagement through social media is an ongoing game plan for many Australian companies, meaning that social media agencies in Melbourne are a part of a competitive market. This motivates the professionals to pursue additional education, developing their knowledge and experience in their industry. 

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​Expert social media consultant from Melbourne develops effective campaigns

What Do Firms for Social Media Marketing in Melbourne Specialize in?

Firms focused on social media marketing in Melbourne can assist you in improving your company's visibility on social platforms by building an effective social media marketing plan.  

Industries that agencies for social media management in Melbourne are covering are as follows: 

  • eCommerce and retail 
  • Healthcare 
  • Food chain facilities 
  • Sports 
  • Education and learning 
  • Banking and finances 
  • Travel and hospitality 
  • Entertainment 

As an outcome of the strategy, the agency aims for a visible difference in traffic and engagement on your social media accounts.  

Some of the services that the agencies provide are as follows: 

  • Strategy Planning: Creating a social media strategy means starting possible promotions for your online business with specific goals and orientations. Strategic planning works best for spreading the word about your organization.  
  • Ad set-up and Management: To create a successful campaign, you need a team led by an expert social media consultant from Melbourne who will develop effective ad campaigns for your project. This includes tasks from positioning the ads to analyzing the target audience. 
  • Research and Analysis: Social media services start to take shape once the content is posted and ads start running. It needs thorough investigation to ensure that the content reaches the correct audience at the right time. This helps you keep track of your information and improves your final results. 
  • Platform-specific Plan: Every social media platform has different features, so it is crucial for you to know and understand which platform works best for your business goals. Each one serves as a source of your specific target audience that is worth your investment.  
  • Content Creation: When it comes to strategic thinking, content is king. The best sales funnels come from high-quality content creation (such as videos, images, etc.) and are led by an expert team for social media marketing in Melbourne.
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Why Hire a Social Media Consultant in Melbourne?

When it comes to hiring a team of social media experts, Melbourne is the top-tier choice because of its growing digital market and diverse cultural experience that inspires professionals to grow. 

Find the complete list of top reasons to hire social media agencies in Melbourne, as follows: 

Reason #1: Developed Digital Industry 

Individual Australian SMBs spend almost $7,600 on their social media advertisement each year. The average annual expenditure on social media advertising by Australian SMBs is just over $3.000.  

In addition, the average estimated expenditure on strategic management and content creation coordination services (is almost $2.300 for each). 

The leading reasons why Australian small-to-medium businesses use social media are: 

  • Promote their business (33%) 
  • Create exposure and awareness (28%) 
  • Connect and interact with the consumer base (19%) 
  • Generate sales (17%) 

On the other hand, 63% of Australian SMBs use social media to maintain two-way communication with their contacts and customers. 

Reason #2: Various Markets Expanding 

In Greater Melbourne, there are three most popular industry sectors

  • Health Care and Social Assistance (12%) 
  • Retail Trade (10.1%) 
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (9%) 

In combination, these three industries employ over 650,000 people, or 31.1% of the total employed resident population.  

In comparison, Australia's employment record includes the following: 

  • 12.6% in Health Care and Social Assistance 
  • 9.9% in Retail Trade 
  • 7.3% in Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services 

Reason #3: Cultural Diversity 

The City of Melbourne is home to people from all over the globe, with around 140 cultures being represented. 

This is best shown by many cultural events that the city of Melbourne is organizing: 

  • Melbourne Cup Carnival: The Flemington is the beating heart of Australian horse racing and home to the world's most important racing events. The four-day Melbourne Cup Carnival creates a celebratory atmosphere combining food, sport, and business. 
  • Melbourne Chinese New Year: Chinese New Year is a family celebration, and Melbourne provides many of the city's places of celebration, including China Town in Little Bourke Street, Crown Entertainment Complex, and Federation Square. 
  • Moomba Festival: This carnivalesque four-day festival is happening on the Yarra river and starts with an annual parade of floats designed by the whole community. It is accompanied by dancers, school kids, performers, and fireworks by the end of it.  
  • Melbourne Festival: This event inspires the Melbourne audience by connecting art forms, people, and ideas. The aim is to break new ground in culture and the arts in Melbourne as one of Australia's leading international arts festivals with an outstanding reputation for presenting unique international events in dance, music, theatre, visual arts, multimedia, and free and outdoor events. 

For social media agencies in Melbourne, it means being a part of a welcoming city with a generous spirit. It embraces change while respecting the heritage and celebrates the diversity that creates a positive atmosphere for networking and business development. 

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How Much Do Social Media Agencies in Melbourne Charge for Their Services?

The average cost of social media management in Melbourne ranges from $3.000 to $5.000 per month when working with an agency or on a full-time project.  

When it comes to part-time work or a rather basic package, a social media consultant in Melbourne charges from $300 to $500 per month.  

Hourly rates depend on the team's years of experience and expertise in the industry or relevant field that your project focuses on. It ranges from $75 per hour to $200 per hour

How to Find the Right Social Media Marketing Agency in Melbourne for Your Business?

Finding a business partner is a tricky thing in today's saturated market. This also goes for finding a firm for social media marketing in Melbourne that can accelerate your business goals and results.  

So, find here some of the tips you can follow to find the perfect match for your business: 

Step #1: Know Your Goals 

When you know your goals, finding a business partner can be easy because you are ready to communicate your plans precisely. When it comes to an understanding your goals, they often come close to what your business needs in terms of: 

  • Audience Engagement 
  • Content Management 
  • Creative Solutions 
  • And More 

Always know what you want from each step of your social media process, and openly share it with your potential hire! 

Step #2: Check Their Portfolio 

Before interviewing the social media agencies in Melbourne, check their portfolio and the results they are providing for the public. You can find it on their official website or uploaded on a particular platform.  

Examine the campaigns so you can conclude if their style of content planning and ads development is something you want to invest in.  

If the agency has experience with your industry, it will make the process more manageable due to their previous knowledge in defining the target audience and adjusting the strategy. 

In addition, you can ask them about possible failed campaigns and what they looked like. Hear their answer, and see if you want to share your time with them!  

Step #3: Examine the Workflow 

Before starting the collaboration, double-check how the company works with several different points of social media campaigns. Some of them are: 

  • Deadlines management 
  • Failed tests 
  • In-house communication 
  • Public communication 
  • Contact point with clients 

When you take these steps, you will be sure that the agency you hire is a good fit for your plans. 


15 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Experts for Social Media Management in Melbourne

  1. How would your previous client describe your team's workflow? 
  2. What skills help you create effective social media management campaigns? 
  3. How do you keep up with the ever-changing social media trends? 
  4. If you could change some social media features, what would it be? 
  5. What social media tools are you familiar with? 
  6. What metrics do you use for monitoring performance? 
  7. What is your preferred platform for scheduling posts? Why? 
  8. How do you decide when to post content? 
  9. What are the components of a successful social media campaign? 
  10. Which content management systems do you use? 
  11. How would you respond to negative comments from customers? 
  12. What would you do to make our company more engaging on social networks? 
  13. Tell me about a case when you had to handle a social media crisis. 
  14. How do you manage tight deadlines? 
  15. Who is my point of contact while the campaign is planned and implemented? 

Takeaways on Social Media Agencies in Melbourne 

Working with a social media consultant from Melbourne means fruitful collaboration and a positive outcome for your company. 

Before hiring your future business partner, consider the following factors: 

  • In-House Communication 
  • Previous Experience 
  • Team's Education and Knowledge 
  • Payment Structure 

Remember to check out our agency directory to find the experts that can help your project grow! 

Good luck! 


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