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Imagine a future where one swab of saliva could be analyzed in two months and tell you your exact ancestry, risk for heart disease, and predict what traits you will pass on to your children.

That future is now.

Enter 23andMe—a personal genomics and biotechnology company that analyzes your DNA to give you an unprecedented peek inside the fabric that makes you, well—you.

The logo is creative and colorful. The company name was inspired by the 23 pairs of chromosomes in normal human cells. This beautifully fits into the two pink and green colored chromosomes that form an “X” to the side of the mark.

The logo was conceived by designer Corey Holms of agency MetaDesign.

23andMe need a logo and brand identity that appealed to customers without losing scientific credibility.

This logomark reduces the intimidation associated with personal genetics. The result is a brand that distinguishes itself from others in the new and emerging personal genomic revolution.

The logo font is Helvetica Neue Bold. However, the 'a' appears to have the bowl of the Arial Bold 'a'. Helvetica is a neutral typeface. This is the perfect choice when the mission is to reduce the intimidation factor that personal genomics presents.

Corey Holmes and MetaDesign did not merely produce one logo. They produced 23:

23andMe (slide 2)

23andMe now has a fluid identity that changes with color and in the orientation of the lozenges or chromosome pairs. This logo system is adaptable. It can remain fresh for years in ways that other logos cannot.

It is colorful and reduces the fear of this captivating new industry. The choice of positive toned colors provides a sense of calm and peace to consumers. The brand is now approachable.

Personal genomics is a new frontier. Scientists are just beginning to scratch the surface of the health benefits that analyzing your DNA could provide. They are saving lives and helping people become healthy before risk factors become detrimental.

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This logo is dazzling and graceful. It fuses the company history and core product. With one picture, the consumer understands what the brand stands for and what it represents:

A personal genomic revolution. And a company that will lead the crusade for years to come.

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23andMe is a clean logo design in the Medical & Pharmacy, Professional Services and Technology industries.