Amazon Best E-Commerce Web Design

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday chaos, who truly has time to run from store to store in order to buy all the things they need? Enter Amazon, a leading online retailer that specializes in competitively low prices, hassle-free shopping, and the ease of never having to leave the comfort of your living room. So put on your pj’s, grab a snack, and get to shopping!

Designed to inspire, Amazon’s site builds a shock and awe value the minute you enter. A collection of tantalizing product photos fill the homepage, building shopper’s impulse as you scroll through each one. The bright colors, hot deals, and product variety create a multitude of horizontal sliders. Each one gives you the chance to view a number of products within each category. The extensive choices create a sense of “must-haves” and “I want to buy that” simply through its diversity and flashy imagery.

Amazon Top Website Design

Whether you spend a couple of minutes shopping or spend a couple of hours, eventually you’re going to have to face the music and check out. But even if you end up spending a lot more than you anticipated, don’t worry. Amazon makes it a breeze for you to review your items and check out.

The organization is the essential element to the company’s checkout page after all this is an important financial moment for their clients. Taking the central focus of the shopping cart, the items you’ve picked out are listed in an orderly fashion. From the product photograph to the product title, the product description to the price, everything takes on a big approach. Bold fonts and large lettering make it easy for you to see what you’ve picked out and the price of each. The emphasis on the visual breakdown is a superb way of letting you review your cart quickly and efficiently.

Color coding on the page lends a hand in helping you find your way around. Red, blue, and yellow are key colors to watch out for as they’re the most important you’ll come across. Adding to the impression these colors will make, the slate white background makes it so each one of these stands out in your eyes. It’s a dynamic way to build an orderly website design.

Amazon Great Web Design

Unbeknownst to most, Amazon runs a blog! And a rather versatile one at that! Filled to the brim with a wide array of articles and posts, it’s the perfect place to stop and read a while. Offering up an intriguing number of images, the page utilizes large formatted images to create a visually enticing page. The non-patterned formatting adds diversity, keeping the page fresh and fun. What’s more… come back frequently and the blog refreshes with new images, wildly entertaining articles, and more for you to read!

Focusing on bringing its customers a dynamic and simplistic shopping experience, Amazon focuses on combining strong organization with an easy-to-use system set-up to pack a punch. A collection of great product photographs and bold fonts enhance this to create a user experience that’s highly sought after.

Amazon is a best website design in the Technology, Entertainment and E-Commerce & Retail industries.