Amazon Prime. What would we do without it? The fact that we can receive virtually any product our heart desires in two days is nothing short of magical. It seems too good to be true. Are we worthy of such awesomeness? How on Earth does Amazon accomplish such a feat? One cannot help but wonder with awe that this service exists.

Amazon’s 2017 Christmas Advert reveals the magical journey that Amazon boxes go on. The video opens with a woman watching a video of a little girl laughing. She opens the Amazon app to find the perfect gift.

The legendary Amazon brown box with a smile is placed on a conveyor belt, as the smile mouths the words to the Rodger Hodgson anthem “Give a Little Bit.”

The small box is bumped by a larger box with a male voice that joins in singing the anthem. The next clip shows each box stamped with a label. Each box laughs with each stamping as if being tickled. The boxes join in unison as they go down slides and conveyor belts and chat with eachother.

They are loaded onto a shipping truck, and then onto the tarmac before entering a plane. They reach China, where one box sits in the bag on the back of a motorcycle driving courier.

The little girl witnesses a small plane over a field before the delivery driver arrives with her box. She cannot contain her excitement.

The box mouths the final words of the song: “Give a little bit, of my love, to you.” The little girl grasps the box with never-ending happiness.

Amazon captured the holiday spirit by showcasing the magical journey that accompanies the delivery of Amazon products through Amazon Prime. From the moment someone buys a product with one tap, to the journey the box takes from the Amazon warehouse, the final result is always the same: someone with a smile.

Happy Holidays.

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