• Chase Mobile (slide 1)

    The Chase mobile app is a great banking asset for customers of Chase Bank. The app features a refreshingly modern design that brings the best in mobile usability to the banking experience.

    The best thing Chase does with their mobile experience is place very few restrictions on what users can do with it. The mobile app is not a pared-down version of the desktop experience, rather it is a powerful, fully functional tool in its own right. Through the app users can schedule payments, pay bills, send and request money from friends, stop payment on a check, and manage their personal account information. To avoid having their card denied while abroad, users can also update their travel info from the app, which avoids the major hassle of having to call the company to advise of travel plans.

    From the app home screen, the user has access to a high-level overview of their accounts. Each account is presented on a separate card which lists the account name, current or available balance, and a relevant call-to-action, such as “Pay bills.” Clicking on a card will pull up more details about the account and users can scroll through logs of recent activity.

    Large buttons and readable text make the app easy to use and it doesn’t feel like a chore to consume information. Small but noticeable touches (like withdrawals and charges shown in red text, and deposits are shown in blue) are used to excellent effect throughout to improve the overall experience.

    Chase Mobile is a smart app design in the Banking & Finance industry.