Chobani Fun Package Design

Established in 2005 and launched in 2007, Chobani is a brand of Greek yogurt available in the U.S. that was started by Hamdi Ulukaya, a Turkish immigrant, when he bought a defunct yogurt factory in upstate New York and grew it to build the number-one-selling brand of yogurt in the country. The brand sparked the Greek yogurt craze and rattled the category, and now, Chobani is trying to disrupt the space again, this time with a new design, a big marketing push and a reduced-sugar line.

In November 2017, the yogurt brand revealed a completely new, invigorated and fresh packaging design and logo. The new design distinguishes itself from established brands, and is more in line with an artistic approach that would appeal more to Chobani’s customer base.

Chobani’s logo now uses a curvy and lowercase font, a dramatic departure from the straight and capitalized style that marked founder Hamdi Ulukaya's brand since it hit the shelves nearly 10 years ago. Fruits on the packages look like they're painted rather than photographed, and containers have a matte finish instead of a glossy look.

While the previous packaging had a geometrical and aligned appeal to it, the new logo and packaging designs are smooth, rich, curvy and chunky, completely aligned with the smooth, creamy, flavorful texture of the yogurt contained inside. Instead of feeling fragmented, the packaging now feels on-brand and seamless, with a feel-good factor to it.

Chobani Clean Package Design

The yogurt packages are plain white, matching the traditional look of yogurt. The font used is the same color as that of the logo, a deep forest green. The green color is unexpected but it looks stunning on the typography and more so in the packaging. The white and green create an excellent contrast, and complement each other brilliantly.

Apart from white and green, the color palette also includes a pop of brightness, depending on the range and flavor of the yogurt. On the packages of original plain yogurt, a bright neon orange is used. The fruit-flavored yogurts feature more elaborate artwork, with colorful illustrations of the fruit used for the yogurt. These have been illustrated using attractive, bright colors like pink and blue, and the extra saturation of the colors gives the packages a nice and contemporary feel.

Chobani Great Package Design

The identity of the packaging is completely on-brand with Chobani’s modern, fun and young identity. The new design feels consistent and coherent, adding elegance with its use of colors and eye-catching illustrations. The illustration work across the range of products is also incredible, striking just the right balance of quirkiness and seriousness in its design, and abstracting each fruit just enough that it feels expressive but not overly bright.

Chobani’s new packaging design has a very classy look, and the new off-white background color makes a huge difference in adding warmth to the packaging. The redesign will help Chobani expand into new foods outside of yogurt, and establish it as a health-food brand.

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