Dropbox Simple Logo Design

Dropbox launched in 2007 and since then, have been a go-to for file-storage and file-sharing.

But in 2017, they unveiled a new logo design and rebranding campaign. The psychology behind the change was this: Dropbox is not only a place to store your files. It is a living workspace where people and ideas come together.

What a change in philosophy. The company has matured, developing into a technology juggernaut. The new identity was created by NY and San Francisco-based COLLINS and shared with Dropbox’s in-house team, the Dropbox Brand Studio. Instrument, XXIX, Sharp Type and Animade also share credits.

Phew. That is a lot of file, er, I mean credit sharing.

The old logo implied “Dropbox is a great place to store stuff.” But the new, modern logo is simpler and cleaner. They evolved it from a box to a collection. This shows that Dropbox is no longer a box to put stuff in.

Dropbox is a place for creation. A platform.

Dropbox Clean Logo Design

The blue-tiled surfaces are elegant and clean. They create a stacking illusion. Upward and outward. The spreading of ideas. This is a now a platform to build upon, into the green digital fields of technological freedom.

The logotype is bold and large. It looks illustrious and cunning. The black font gives the logo a mature and serious feel. It makes it look prominent. This is a top logo design that carries with it a company that is valued in the billions of dollars.

Dropbox Symbol Design

Color contrasting is used in the best logo designs in the world. Look how that white pops out from the #4751FD blue hue. The blue can be stared at. It is like looking into an ocean of possibilities. 

Dropbox Versatile Logo Design

The best logo designs in the world are also versatile. The design is so beautiful and simple, it can be adapted to fit a wide range of iconography.

For example, the Dropbox logo has a retro, game-y vibe in its different color combinations -- like the bleeping and blooping lights of an old game, or an old terminal computer that's been updated with 2017 graphic aesthetic.

Dropbox placed minimal elements into their very own dropbox of creativity to unleash in a wave of unbridled inspiration.

Dropbox is a simple logo design in the Arts & Recreation abd Technology industries.