Formula Creativa Bright Print Design

Formula Creative is a branding and website design company located in Voca del Rio, Veracruz. They take a very unique and vivid approach to their personal branding, and is immediately eye-catching.


Formula Creativa Vivid Print Design

Attention-grabbing details are important for stationary. Things such as business cards must stand out, whether through color, paper type, or graphics. This stationary suite accomplishes that with bright, saturated colors and oversized typography.


Formula Creativa Fun Print Design

Although they use many large color blocks, they are broken up with clean white space -- even in the typography. This creates an attractive contrast that paves the way for readability while still allowing an impactful design.

Formula Creativa Print Design

The theme of the design is derived from their logo, which is a modern line drawing acronym of "FC," the initials for the company name. The C is creatively combined with the F, and is also cleverly illustrated on their website.


Formula Creativa Print Design


The stationary is very stylized, and incorporates line drawing iconography and illustration type. They keep the branding consistent across multiple mediums, making it easy for consumers to see the transition between these print designs and the web pieces.

Formula Creative is a colorful print design in the Entertainment industry.