Haps Handy Bugs Pliers Fun Package Design

Igor Mitin created this amazing pliers packaging for Haps Handy Bugs as a promotional gift for buyers. This project shows how a designer’s job can be really interesting, challenging, and rewarding. This packaging is outside the box and very unique.


Haps Handy Bugs Pliers Great Package Design

Haps's brand colors -- yellow and black -- are predominantly used, which associates this product with both the hardware industry and that particular brand. This clever packaging is bold, unusual, and an excellent example of how a simple idea can be quite powerful. 

Haps Handy Bugs Pliers Package Design

A picture of a bug is incorporated with sharp jaws of pliers on top. This gives an element of a surprise and makes this packaging memorable. This is cemented further with the fun slogan, "These bugs fix any bugs.”

Haps Handy Bugs Pliers is a playful package design in the E-commerce & Retail industry.