HuffPost Clean Logo Design

Since it was founded nearly 12 years ago, online newspaper HuffPost has cut a blazing trail for media in the digital world, bringing a fresh voice to news coverage and combining technology and editorial vision in unprecedented ways. To celebrate their new leadership under Editor-in-Chief Lydia Polgreen, Huffington Post decided to rebrand. They needed a new logo to usher in their new era, and began the project by thinking about what sets them apart. They wanted something bolder and cooler to kick off their new chapter, but they also wanted to pay tribute to our past. Becoming the first digital-native news brand to reach this scale, to win a Pulitzer Prize and to serve dedicated daily audiences is a history worth celebrating. They wanted the design to reflect that.

The old logo featured the words “The Huffington Post” in a striking green color, using an all upper-case font. Printed on a white background, the logo resembled a digital version of the logo of any top-selling physical newspaper. The rebranded logo is a significant departure and is more aligned with The Huffington’s Post identity as a powerful online entity. The new logo is strong and quirky: a bold italic font has been used, to carry the eye forward, evocative of the same way that the Huffington Post brand has grown and evolved over the last 12 years.

HuffPost New Logo Design

The new logo also does away with the longer “The Huffington Post” and simply states “HuffPost.” This, once again, aligns with the newspaper’s digital identity, and a shorter name is likely to give it more credibility with younger audiences.

The heavy, bold font is in black, printed on a contrasting white background. The designers have also updated the company’s signature green -- a color audiences associate with HuffPost -- and brightened it for this new era. A forward slash surrounds the design on either side, in the updated green color. Together, the green, black and white colors used in the palette complement each other excellently and provide a brilliant contrast.

The slashes are thick and heavy and, once again, are intended to represent HuffPost’s journey forward. They are also reminiscent of the slashes in URLs, evocative of the company’s roots.

Julia Beizer, head of product at HuffPost, said that the use of slashes “symbolizes the company’s movement forward” and “subtly pays homage to our heritage as the first scaled digital-only news brand by evoking the forward slash found in URLs”.

HuffPost Shortened Logo Design

On HuffPost’s social channels, a shortened logo has been designed, which features only the two forward slashes, placed next to one another. When the two shapes join together as the new icon, the mark itself forms a road, a slash, and an abstract H.

The Huffington Post’s new logo has been designed in order to enable the brand to move forward in the digital world as not just a newspaper, but a community of people. The color update, as well as the innovative use of the slashes, prove that the logo is grounded in heritage while also maintaining a contemporary vibe. 

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