• Insight Timer (slide 1)

    Insight Timer is a free meditation app that makes the practice of meditation accessible to everyone -- from total beginners to zen masters.

    Insight Timer boasts a large (3.2 million members) and engaged community (50,000 hours of meditation logged per day). Users can take advantage of this community by joining discussion groups, or checking what other meditators are listening to.

    There over 7,500 free meditations on the Insight Timer platform, but the app makes discovery of new meditations easy. Users can search by keyword, for instance “sleep” or “anxiety” to discover meditations that are tailored to address those specific concerns.

    They can also search and filter by duration, male vs. female facilitator, and whether the meditation contains background music. Furthermore, users can save meditations and follow specific instructors, and the app will make personalized recommendations based on their preferences and behavior.

    Users who wish to meditate on their own can also choose to use the “timer” feature of the app which allows them to set a predetermined length for the meditation and select from a handful of preferences before beginning.

    Insight Timer has a minimalist aesthetic. The white background and black and gray text allow the meditation cover images to become the visual focal point. Each meditation has its own page within the app, containing detailed information about the app, a link to explore more info about the instructor, an average user rating and user reviews. Finally, users can track their own commitment to their practice through the app design with access to stats and activity.

    Insight Timer is a minimalist app design in the Sports & Leisure industry.