Mercht (slide 1)

Mercht is a startup that offers a free way to create, promote and sell custom-designed merchandise with no financial risk. The identity, entire range of promotional materials, and website were created by the agency Robot Food, based in Leeds, UK. Mercht utilizes bright and vivid colors, which emphasize the company's strong personality and make it stand out from the crowd. 


Mercht (slide 2)

The iconography is dynamic, but uses simple shapes that create an interesting brand voice. All promotional materials are very cohesive, colorful, and well-balanced, which gives a modern twist to this corporate company.


Mercht (slide 3)


There is a strong attention to detail in branding -- even small objects, such as stickers and pins, are perfectly designed. 


Mercht (slide 4)


This is an excellent example how branding can be corporate and colorful without seeming childish. 


Mercht (slide 5)


Mercht's logo -- which has a hand-drawn touch and rounded edges -- exudes an approachable and friendly look.