• Museum of Science & Industry Corporate Homepage

    Love science? Love to educate yourself in a hands-on way? Check out Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, where learning and science become an interactive experience.

    MSI Chicago creates state of the art exhibits to tantalize your scientific curiosity in. Dynamic photographs with enlarged fonts bring you the amazing exhibits on display. Rolling effects flip through each combination in slow motion, giving it time to pique your interest. Luscious blue hues tie the images together as each pulls from the same shades for a uniform feeling.

    Long live your curiosity! MSI Chicago creates a platform revolving around drawing you in. As you scroll, colored text boxes combine with crisp photographs to line the homepage with up to date information about the latest and greatest exhibits. It’s a brilliant way to keep you coming back to their website (and their museum). While the information is continuously updated, the website keeps a white-blue color scheme, maintaining consistency in visual design.

    Museum of Science & Industry (slide 2)

    Take in the fullness that MSI Chicago has to offer by taking in every exhibit you’ll find. The visual variety of the homepage goes away as the website creates a design where the organization is the vital element. Down the length of the page, each exhibit is given the same format of a teaser picture over a white text box. It’s a minimal approach that gives the page the cleanliness it needs to help you move through the long list of exhibits with speed.

    Museum of Science & Industry Corporate News Page

    With so many avenues for support, it’s no wonder MSI Chicago puts together a distinctive list of areas to find news articles for users. Gray and white are key to helping move the eyes down the page, as they separate company divisions for easy reading. Zigzagging down the page, photographs are used to create minimal diversity while text becomes the primary focus. The limited visual choices help move you rapidly through the page and lead you to even more intriguing pages.

    Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is a place to disappear into for a day. Thus, sparking users' curiosity is the foundation for the website design to successfully bring in a flow of museum-goers. Clear photographs become the essential link to creating visual curiosity while the website’s continuously updated homepage amplifies the pending experience.

    Museum of Science & Industry is a professional website design in the Arts & Recreation, E-commerce & Retail and Technology industries.