Siegel & Gale (slide 1)

With an emphasis on digital design and simplifying user experiences, it is no wonder Siegel and Gale fondly describe themselves as the “simplicity company.” Their website design utilizes a heavy off-white negative space combined with a contrasting black serif font -- both bolded and normal -- while also initiating various light gray animations behind the copy.

Refresh the page a few times… there’s no telling what kind of geometric animation will pop up!

Siegel & Gale (slide 2)

Keeping the focus down the center of the site, words are centered and spaced in an even fashion to divide the important aspects of the page.

Scrolling down the About page, potential clients will find a splash of color added to the page as a way to illuminate the names of past clients Siegel and Gale has worked with.

Siegel & Gale (slide 3)

Combining blog articles and news articles into one dynamic platform, Siegel and Gale brings together a variety of intriguing reading materials for potential clients to work their way through. With the use of a neutral negative space, articles pop from their dynamic images.

Articles are titled in a bold font, while the article blurbs are presented in a normal font. The combination draws the reader’s eyes downward through each bit of information about the article.  Beneath the blurb, potential clients are able to find the tags used to break down content type. The brilliant use of tags creates an easy way to find a large number of articles within a specific content area quickly.

Additionally, the blog area utilizes a plugin form as a call-to-action prompt for potential clients to keep tabs on Siegel and Gale through their digital newsletter.

Siegel & Gale (slide 4)

Initiating a highly-contrasting design, the Contact page quickly catches the attention of site visitors. Utilizing a stark black header lined with a flat white page, potential clients’ eyes can navigate easily down the page. The page header uses a bold white font in the black header to make the words “talk to us” stand out. While there is no physical button to push, the assertive wording creates a strong mindset to reach out to Siegel and Gale as potential clients move down the page to the simple plugin form for them to fill in.

All in all, Siegel and Gale's highly effective website design showcases their services to clients through a clear, beautiful presentation.