Smashing Magazine (slide 1)

The technological world is like a living being, always evolving and bettering itself. It may be hard to keep up with it, but Smashing Magazine aims to make that task an easier one. Compiling articles and resources for you to reference at any point when you need to further your education about technology, coding, and more.

Drop on into Smashing Magazine and dive into a preview of the fantastic things they have to offer. The lightness of the page creates an airy feel that’s comfortable to fall into, letting your attention focus on the articles laid out for you. The latest of resource pieces lines the homepage. The text-image combination builds intrigue and gives you an idea of what to expect throughout the website. Vibrant blue line dividers assist in helping you tell the difference between articles.

Cast your eyes to the left side and find your technological specialty in the detailed menu. Simplicity is essential to understanding various topics available. Bold and normalized font differentiate between regular and subtopics. Color coding creates a key for you based on topic area. This coding is utilized across the website to design a uniform system that’s easy to pick up and quickly when going through articles. The navigation is essential for getting around such a large website to give you the control needed for a user friendly experience.

Smashing Magazine (slide 2)

Smashing Magazine puts together a number of physical resources available for buying. Build up your library wish list as you scroll through the options they have. Product photographs jump off their gray backdrops with their vivid coloring, lightly contrasting the whiteness of the page. It’s simplistic in design, but effective in making sure the focus is solely on the products available. Everything you need to know about the product is laid out in bold lettering that you can't miss.

Simplicity is everything to Smashing Magazine, as their focus becomes creating a user tailored experience. Negating a complicated design, users are given complete control of how they read the articles and how they make their way around the website. It gives complete attention to the purpose of learning.