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Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps in the world. It was launched in 2006 as a digital music streaming service where users can stream millions of songs, discover new tracks, build a music collection, or create customized playlists.

The company is valued at $16 billion.

The Spotify logo is simple, clean and minimal. It is a green circle with three frequency waves inside which immediately gives the viewer the association of sound. The green circle is extremely lucid.

Simplicity in logo design allows a brand to increase their marketing opportunities in a variety of different formats. This eliminates any chance of the brand symbol losing or warping its identity when placed in different mediums such as print and digital.

The logo comes in three colors: black, white, and green. Green reveals a positive and modern feel. Black is used to conveying power or authority as well as elegance and the future. White is used as a contrasting tool, with green and black. This directs attention to text and important messages.

In 2014, Spotify decided to change their logo and possess a new identity. The visual expression that followed was designed by NYC based design agency Collins.

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Collins designed multiple color schemes in the Spotify newly-designed logo.

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Imagine the feeling of pure happiness. You are playing your Spotify playlists with an unprecedented amount of songs. Then, as the night unfolds, your favorite song comes on. You are bursting with emotion.

Collins wanted to create a brand identity system that corollated visually to the bursting experience.

Collins's goal as to create a brand identity that would couple the bursting experience.

This is a phenomenal example of repetition in logo design. The identity and logo image could now have an even visual expression and easily recognizable style.

The style is the key to how the company differentiates from their competitors, Apple Music, Pandora, and Tidal. Spotify uses a modern style combined with a green circle with frequency waves that is simple and easy to remember. Each of Spotify’s 140 million users sees this logo every time they open the app, listen to music, and create playlists.

The best logos are easy to remember and it’s this repetition or act of seeing the logo over and over again that makes them familiar and iconic.

Spotify is a clean logo design in the Arts & Recreation and Technology industries.