Start (slide 1)

Start is a UK-based design agency with a focus on creating an experience-based economy for their clients. With this in mind, the company offers up a sleek homepage that utilizes product and brand imagery from the company’s portfolio.

The header image of the centered grid uses a simplified slider that potential clients can use to toggle back and forth between information. Atop the rotating images in all-capital letters, Start introduces site visitors to a very brief overview of the company.

Scrolling down the page, the company focuses on diversity within the sample portfolio pieces. The two-column grid offers a wide variety of images (in both color and in black-and-white) to draw potential clients in. By hovering their cursor over the photographs, readers can bring up names such as Adidas and Virgin Mobile.

At the top of the page within a solid white header, Start employs a right-aligned menu opposite the company’s logo. The menu is presented in a small, black sans serif font that contrasts the white header. Within the menu, potential clients are able to expand sections with a golden-brown drop-down menu by hovering the cursor over the page title.

Start (slide 2)

Shown in a side-by-side grid format, Start pulls together a collection of news articles and blog posts about the company. Settled against a pale gray negative space, the photographs associated with articles are placed directly next to one another, using the edges of each image as the borders.

As previously demonstrated, potential clients need only to hover their cursor over the images to reveal the article name. The page uses an infinite scroll to continuously load additional articles as potential clients make their way down the page.

Start (slide 3)

Putting faces to names is what Start aims for, and they continue this trend by making it easy for site visitors to learn about the geniuses behind their various offices around the world.

Each individual depicted within the About section is shown with a sleek black-and-white portrait centered over a text box with their name and title. Company employees are showcased in a well-organized grid down the center of the page for easy viewing.