Stephen Verhalleman (slide 1)

Known for his stunning illustrations, product designer Stephen Verhalleman has captured the attention of companies such as Yelp and Volbloed. Verhalleman’s simple web design is a beautiful display of his work, allowing potential clients to explore his portfolio.

The landing page features a full-screen white background that draws attention to the content, and a call-to-action button in the middle of the page. In the top left corner is an illustration of a face; when users click on it, they’ll be guided back to the home page. 

Each image represents a collection of work that Verhalleman has created. The illustrations are colorful, bright, and attractive.

Stephen Verhalleman (slide 2)

Each category is color-coordinated, making it easy for users to navigate the sitemap. When a user clicks on an icon, a Portfolio page will open. Verhalleman uses a headliner and gallery layout for each project, which keeps everything organized.

The “Miscellaneous” page is a hodgepodge of projects that Verhalleman designed. Every section contains a blurb that gives an overview and lets the work speak for itself.

Verhalleman’s portfolio implements high-quality imagery and chooses work that juxtaposes well against the web design’s gray background. The image alternates between the text box and banner format, which creates an easier transition throughout the page.

Stephen Verhalleman (slide 3)

The “UI projects” page uses the same headliner and gallery format. What makes this page unique is how Verhalleman manipulates shapes and colors to bring attention to the content on the page.

The “Style Guide” subpage is an example of combining color and geometry. Each of the six tiles symmetrically aligns with the illustrations and incorporates a darker gray, which blends the reds and blues with the light gray page background.

Further down the page are three rectangular boxes; these are a screenshot of Yelp’s website illustrations that Verhalleman designed. The purple, blue, and green pastels pull the entire page together, giving it a bright and welcoming look.

Stephen Verhalleman’s web design is simple, elegant, and purposeful. He approaches his portfolio design with minimalist conceptualization, allowing his work to do the convincing.