Swish Suits (slide 1)

Swish Suits is an eco-friendly lifestyle brand that specializes in creating wetsuits customized for women’s bodies. Their decision to focus on developing eco-friendly products shows throughout their website’s layout.

The landing page uses a minimalist yet elegant web design. The top half of the page boasts a symmetrical layout with a centered navigation menu at the top. Underneath, a fully-capitalized company name written in a simplistic sans-serif typeface is featured. The user’s eye is drawn to a single still image in the center of the page.

The bottom half of the home page has an asymmetrical layout with a photo gallery that pops out into a slideshow of the image displayed on the left. It features a text box containing a call-to-action button, allowing users to sign up for the company’s newsletter.

Swish Suits (slide 2)

Remaining in the realm of minimalism, the About page also displays a single still image preceded by the title and anchor menu. However, the focus is on the text that spans the length of the page.

The font remains consistent throughout; however, to differentiate between quotes and biographical information, the font size, kerning, and leading are adjusted accordingly. This creates a great balance between text and white space. The lines of text are also kept short, reducing reader fatigue.

Swish Suits (slide 3)

The blog displays more imagery, and it uses a deep scroll effect to encompass the additional content on the page. The size of the images and amount of text contrast in a way that allows the user to comprehend the image and corresponding information with ease.

On the right is a text box with a signup call-to-action button, which allows users to sign up for their email list, followed by a list of blog topic categories and image buttons that link to guides.

The Swish Suits website’s black and white color scheme and sans-serif font give the site a corporate feel while reiterating the company’s eco-friendly mission. The clean, basic layout keeps the site from feeling overcrowded with superfluous content, and it eases sitemap navigation overall.

All in all, Swish Suits created a compelling website design that encourages users to purchase a suit and join the adventure.