Talkspace (slide 1)

The benefits of therapy to those who are suffering from mental health issues are obvious, but finding the right therapist, making time to get to their office, and waiting a week or more between sessions can make the therapy experience challenging (not to mention the high cost of treatment).

Talkspace aims to be a solution to those challenges, by offering users a way to connect with professional therapists from their devices (iOS, Android, and desktop). Talkspace calls itself “therapy for all” and says, “With Talkspace online therapy, anyone can get therapy without traveling to an office - and for significantly less money than traditional therapy.”

After a new user creates an account with Talkspace, they’re taken through a brief onboarding process that explains how using the app works. They’re then matched with an intake therapist who will help assess their needs in order to match them with their personal therapist. This intake takes place through a chat session. A clear “Journey” map allows the user to see the different stages of their treatment plane and to track their progress through each step.

With Talkspace, the user can message their therapist any time, and the platform claims that messages are answered 1-2 times per day, enabling a more immediate and ongoing conversation. Users can also set scheduled video chats with their therapists. Services start at $32 per week.

Talkspace has user-friendly app design that emphasizes the main functionality (chat). A minimalist white background palette and gray typography are offset by a punchy teal accent color, giving the platform a pop of vibrancy and life.

Talkspace is a modern app design in the Medical & Pharmacy industry.