Tiny Giant (slide 1)

Post-Impressionist artist Henri Matisse once said, “Creativity takes courage.” Chattanooga design agency Tiny Giant shares that same sentiment.

The agency’s sleek and elegant website offers users insight into the company’s culture and ability to think outside of the box. From the logo’s decorative typography to their site’s high-resolution imagery, the website pays homage to the company’s talents.

The landing page begins with a full-screen banner image. Its background manipulates shapes and uses a dark color scheme, which highlights the red typeface and menu box. When users click on the hamburger button, a red text box will slide out, only revealing three menu titles, thus simplifying the sitemap navigation.

The home page uses a five-box layout with high-resolution images. What’s interesting about this layout is that each box is a different size, allowing users to view each image.

Tiny Giant takes advantage of the home page’s footer by including their contact information and social media pages.

Tiny Giant (slide 2)

The “About” page is a stunning display of shapes and two-dimensional figures. It features a full-screen background image that uses both light and dark color schemes, drawing attention to the content on the page. The headliner and gallery layout keep the content organized, which is important for the user experience.

As users scroll down the page, they’ll come across the “This is who we are” subpage. It has three high-quality headshots of the company’s team. Each headshot expresses the individuality of each team member.

Tiny Giant (slide 3)

The Contact page continues with the website’s use of shapes and monograms. It features a widescreen banner image that combines both dark and light color schemes.

The tagline uses a bold and capitalized typeface which makes for an easy lead-in to the content below. Its text is well-written and uses strong syntax and wordplay to connect with first-time site visitors and potential clients.

Unlike other contact forms, Tiny Giant gives visitors an opportunity to be specific with their needs. This approach allows them to connect with the company on a personal level and improve their experience.

Tiny Giant’s website is an example of their innovative and creative edge. It displays the company’s ability to collaborate with a variety of brands, which is essential to their digital presence.