Tricon Capital Corporate Print Design

Tricon Capital is a principal investor and asset manager focused on residential real estate industry in USA. Blue Fountain Media was asked to design this beautiful printed brochure of Annual Report.

Tricon’s branding is very corporate, elegant and modern looking. The dominant color is blue, with hints and shades of this and white throughout. The main focus within this brochure is beautiful photography of various real estate, which sets a sophisticated tone. This is one of the best print designs we've seen.

Tricon Capital Modern Print Design

The brochure maintains a simple layout. Many pages are divided into two columns of text, with many small images that break up the grid and keep it readable. 

Tricon Capital Elegant Print Design

However, other pages keep this annual report from being boring with more interesting, uneven grids. This page, for example, uses different sizes of images to add additional dynamic elements. 

Tricon Capital Clean Print Design

Property detail pages unfold to give more space to four properties in a modern layout. Plenty of white space keeps this easy to read, and lets the information breathe.

Tricon Capital Print Design

The back cover corresponds well with front cover, with the same image of a building spanning both covers. It's a very interesting idea that creates cohesive branding.

Overall, this brochure is designed and can serve for inspiration for anyone looking for a more compelling annual report. 

Tricon Capital is a modern print design in the Professional Services and Real Estate industries.