Uber Company (slide 1)

Uber is changing the entire world. Don’t blink, or you'll miss it.

Imagine a single technology application with an impact so powerful that it forces foreign governments to rethink their entire economic stance on competition in free markets.

We are talking about an app that allows people to use their own cars as taxis. After only seven (yes, seven!) years, Uber has a valuation of $60 billion.

The logotype is a custom sans serif with a combination of straight and curved lines that denotes both confidence and the approachability of the brand.

The logotype color is only to be used in black or white. The black square surrounding the logotype is known as a bit, which represents technology and the logical and ordered side of Uber.

Uber letters are surrounded by clear space, allowing it to stand out from surrounding elements. Clear space is proportional to the high to the logotype. Perfection is needed when orchestrating cataclysm.

Uber Company (slide 2)

Uber did not pioneer the sharing economy. They created it. They molded it. They scraped the primordial clay from its eyes to allow it to see the world and flourish.

This isn’t sharing. This is cataclysm. This is the wipe out event. The resurrection of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

It carries a billion times the energy of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It is 6.2 miles wide and it is barreling through the atmosphere at 65,000 mph as it annihilates a hundred-year-old, technologically absent, mundane and unimaginative taxi industry.

The Concrete Jungle is now a Concrete Tombstone. As the dust clears, and radioactive isotypes settle, a name begins to emerge through the desolate wasteland fog: Uber. 

Uber Company (slide 3)