Waaark (slide 1)

Is your company in need of a new website? Look no further than Waaark! This French company prides in creating elegant and functional website designs guaranteed to bring your business image to another level.

Functional to its best, Waaark puts together a dynamic home page where not only do you get a brief introduction to the company, but you also get immediate access to the company’s menu. Everything you need is laid out in front of you. Soft colors create a table triad to invite you into the three main areas of the website. Within each square, the company combines quirky imagery with simplified font. The design trio is minimal and fun to glance through. It's also a fast, easy way to generate an idea of what Waaark does and how you can utilize their site.

Waaark (slide 2)

Colors continue to guide you as you make your way into Waaark’s about page. The page breaks down the company’s process for you into steps that you can easily move through. Each color coordinates with a step, helping you visually transition through the steps.

Keep your eyes on the circle loading in the center of your screen! It’ll track your progress through the steps in a fun visual way. The circle loads around an illustration that depicts a little bit of the step you’re reading about. Drawing you into their process takes the minimal presentation to a friendly level that’s interactive and pleasant on the eyes.

Waaark (slide 3)

Ready to see exactly what Waaark is capable of? Then go give their portfolio a look! Taking on the same slideshow presentation, the portfolio displays a single project per slide. The eclectic blue of the page guides your eyes to the center of the page, where duo boxes lay out the concept of the project alongside a dynamic visual display. Stunning video combines with sharp photographs to show you exactly what Waaark designed. The combination creates a clear understanding of every aspect of the project.

Waaark’s minimalist approach takes slideshows to a level that encourages user interaction. Brilliant coloring becomes the tool users need to separate slides while quirky illustrations assist in creating understanding and adding flair.

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