• Zillow User-Friendly Web Design

    Finding the home that’s right for you can be a hard and daunting task. However, it doesn’t have to be. Bringing house shopping and rental searches to the comfort of your own home, Zillow aims to create a breezy experience for all those who visit their site.

    Plop on your couch and get ready to start your search. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, rent, or even just get an estimate on value, you’re ready to go from the moment you hit Zillow’s homepage. Beautiful imagery in muted tones greets you as you enter the website. Taking hold of your attention, Zillow invites you to their site with a single phrase… “find your way home.” It’s catchy, bold, and impossible to miss while simultaneously creating the mood for your experience.

    Blues, white, black, and gray come together in a complementary color scheme. The choices blend perfectly with one another. They serve a greater purpose as they create a calming atmosphere for your time on Zillow. From the very start, they take the stress out of what can easily be a frustrating part of life.

    Zillow Interactive Website Design

    Whether you want to rent or buy, Zillow takes you to the same platform to search through their products. The page is a busy one, full of activity, but it’s useful activity. Split down the middle, you’re given the chance to view available homes through their listing as well as their location on the map.

    Ping the purple accents -- they’re everywhere! Scattered across the map you’ll find purple pins to start your adventure. The dull tones of the map make it so these pins stand out, making it easy for you to start searching homes. The coordinating right panel is lined with descriptive corporate imagery of each house available. The neat organization within the panel only aids your searching, lining your options up in clean columns. The search is made simple so all you have to do is start! And come back day after day! Zillow keeps you updated, shifting around the pins as often as possible.

    Zillow Website Blog

    With the porchlight always on, Zillow’s blog is a guiding force as you search for the right home for you. A minimalist approach is a foundation for helping you gain the most of your experience on the blog. The choice white background means the blue font stands out, filling out various blog titles, buttons, and category links. The blue and black font combination make for easy reading, alternating to guide you through titles and teasers effectively.

    Organization plays a huge part in presentation as Zillow lines a majority of the page with blog posts. An alignment of photographs first followed by blocks of text builds a uniform appearance as you scroll on down the page. It becomes easy for you to pick and choose the articles that will assist you in your search.

    Zillow utilizes a clean, corporate platform to enhance its user experience. Sharp imagery, coordinating colors, and strong organization assist users in finding the home right for them.

    Zillow is a top website design in the Real Estate and Professional Services industries.