Birchbox Amazing App Design

Birchbox is the original beauty sample delivery kit that has spawned dozens of copycats. Birchbox customers pay a low monthly subscription fee in exchange for a delivery box that arrives at their door each month. Every box is packed with trial sizes of beauty products Birchbox thinks their users will love. Users are then encouraged to buy full-size versions of the products they like best through the platform.

The Birchbox app offers full account management, where users can view their entire sample box history. Users can select a previous box to review the samples they received that month, ensuring they never lose track of something they’ve received before. They also have the option to shop full-sized versions of the products directly from the app, which features full ecommerce capabilities.

The ecommerce elements of the app is well-designed to offer users a robust shopping experience. Birchbox harnesses the power of its large and fanatical community of beauty addicts to cultivate and feature a wide range of product reviews. Because Birchbox is a subscription service that has user details saved, checkout is incredibly seamless and efficient.

Though the Birchbox app background is designed in muted neutrals like white and beige, the app as a whole is made colorful through product imagery, box artwork, and a cheerful orange accent color used for calls-to-action and notifications.

The app also makes itself more than a mere shopping destination by offering robust and engaging content. Beauty tips and inspiration can be found in the Discover section. Inspirational and educational content is tied back to ecommerce through shoppable products that are featured alongside the editorial content on offer.

Birchbox is an amazing app design in the fashion & beauty industry.