Day One Clean App Design

For those who love journaling but aren’t fans of pen and paper, Day One is the solution to your problem. Day One is an impeccably-designed app with an intuitive interface that makes journaling easy and enjoyable. It’s even been Apple’s app not once, but twice.

The Day One app promises to help users make journaling a regular habit through in-app reminders and push notifications. These help encourage continued engagement with the app, ensuring that it becomes a regular staple of users’ everyday lives.

Day One offers many other features that a regular old notebook never can. For example, the app automatically records metadata like location, time, weather, and even what music the user is playing. This means useful information is preserved, without any input required by the user, so they can focus on what they want to say. And Day One’s interface is designed to hone that focus, providing a clean interface for writing and simple iconographical links allowing for additional information input.

The app provides an exceptional experience for users to go back and explore old entries. Map and calendar views allow users to explore entries either by date or by geographical location at the time of entry, making it easy to narrow down to the specific entry the user wants to find. Navigation is handled through a simple tabbed menu that runs along the bottom of the screen, with the all important “new entry” button front and center.

With a modern, sleek design and user-friendly interface, Day One truly is best in class among journaling apps.

Day One is a clean app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.