flowkey Fun App Design

Flowkey is an app designed to make learning piano accessible, easy, and fun. With the flowkey app, users can learn about chords, notes, and piano technique. The app works with the user’s real keyboard or piano. Even users who don’t have access to an instrument can begin learning technique through the app.

The experience of the app is customized based on the user’s level of experience. Beginners start from the very beginning with how to sit at the piano. Avideo demonstration illustrates proper posture and positioning. From there, the user can use directional arrows at the bottom of the screen to advance to the next module or return to a previous one.

The flowkey app includes a huge range of songs that users can play along with, most of them are paid but many of them can still be accessed for free. Users can scroll through categories of songs including everything from pop hits to classical and film & TV theme songs. The song learning feature layers a video of someone playing the song on top of a running image of the music. As each note is played, the corresponding key lights up on the keyboard with the note specified so users can learn as the video plays.

The flowkey app is an advanced app for the learning of piano. It’s useful to users of all ages and abilities and it has an intuitive user interface that lets users find the content and materials they want quickly and easily.

Flowkey is a fun app design in the education industry.