Goref Dark App Design

Being a referee isn’t an easy task. Chance are, there will be players and fans of both teams who have something to say about the job you’re doing. Keeping track of the stats without interrupting the action is a difficult task for any official.

Goref Amazing App Design

Goref created an app to help football referees better manage the information they need to track during a game. By using the iPhone app, officials are able to set up match details. Then, during the game, the information in managed through the app’s Apple Watch display.

Goref App Design

Minimalism is the key to this design. Technology is supposed to make the job of the referee easier, not take their attention away from the game. Menus are painless to navigate, and information is easy to enter and read back. Referees can quickly start timers, track red and yellow cards, enter goals, and monitor substitutions.

The Goref app is a perfect example of technology helping to make our jobs more efficient. Although, while the app does help referees track information, we can’t promise it will help them make the right call.

Goref is an amazing app design in the arts & recreation industry.