Hello Alfred Contemporary App Design

Hello Alfred is the app that promises to keep your home running smoothly by outsourcing the time-consuming tasks that are necessary to live a good life, like grocery shopping, dry cleaning, house cleaning, and picking up packages and mail. Alfred partners with other outsourcing services in the user’s area in order to accomplish tasks. So while an Alfred employee won’t be the one to clean your apartment, that person can coordinate house cleaning on your behalf and be there to let the cleaners in if necessary. Think of it as outsourcing your outsourcing.

For lucky users who have Alfred available in their building, the service will handpick an “Alfred” on your behalf, someone who is trained to handle your needs and provide excellent service. The user indicates which services they need doing, and the Alfred visits once a week to complete the user’s chores on his behalf, so he comes home to a clean and orderly household.

Through the Alfred app, the user can manage all their currently outsourced chores, and see scheduled visits from their Alfred. Users can upload photos and notes directly to the app so their Alfred receives their personalized instructions. There’s also an option to chat with the Alfred bot to make changes to scheduled chores and tasks.

The Alfred app has an incredibly modern and streamlined design. The entire experience feels seamless and simple, which is exactly what you would hope from an app designed to simplify your life. The muted color palette gives the app a soothing, calm feel to it, though there’s plenty of visual interest in the form of color and iconography to keep the platform feeling visually interesting.

Alfred is a great resource for time-strapped city dwellers, and the gorgeous mobile app means it’s easy to manage your chores from virtually anywhere.

Hello Alfred is a contemporary app design in the Hospitality industry.