Hotwire Clean App Design

Hotwire is a top platform for finding and booking last minute deals on hotels and car rentals.

The app allows users to easily start a search for a hotel or car through the prominent buttons at the top of the home screen -- one for each category. Selecting either option will pull up a streamlined search widget that allows the user to input their travel dates and preferences.

The app can use the user’s current GPS location to populate results, or they can manually input a different location. After the user conducts a search, that search is saved on the home screen so it can be easily accessed in the future if the user wants to continue exploring their options. For users who aren’t sure exactly what they’re looking for, the home screen also highlights interesting destinations and features some of the hotel deals available in those cities.

The way Hotwire “hot rates” work is that certain information is not available to the user until after they’ve booked. So for a hotel search, the app returns results situated on a map. The user can see the general area where the hotel is located, but not the specific address. They’re given access to the star rating of the hotel, but aren’t told the name of the property itself. Users can also choose to book a hotel with all the information in hand, but they’ll receive the regular rate on those bookings.

The Hotwire app offers an intuitive user experience and access to very budget-friendly travel deals. The bold red color that is used in the logo is also used throughout the app to add color and vibrancy to the experience. Overall, results are easy to navigate and information is presented so as to be easily consumed at a glance. 

Hotwire is a clean app design in the Hospitality and Travel industries.