Palmistry Minimal App Design

Palmistry is one of many apps dedicated to palm readings and horoscopes, but its modern design makes it stand out from the pack.

The Palmistry app offers three main functions -- palm readings, personal horoscopes, and compatibility horoscopes. The palm reading functionality is the most advanced, as it uses the camera to take photos of the user’s palms, and then analyzes the image to provide the results of the palm reading. It may take a few tries to get a photo of the palm that the app will accept -- images in low lighting will be rejected, and the user encouraged to try again.

Once a successful image is captured, palm reading results include analysis of health, life, heart lines, and special marks to give users a complete picture of themselves. The app also features daily horoscopes, accessible only to app subscribers. It must be said that most of the content on the app requires an in-app purchase, so users who want a totally free experience will likely be disappointed.

The design of the Palmistry app feels delightfully modern for an area of app design dominated by ancient scroll aesthetics and low-quality graphics. The background features a starry night sky, that is both visually engaging and relevant to the app’s purpose. The app keeps typography and iconography lightweight and sparse, which gives the experience a minimalist appeal. All focus is put towards getting users to enter a pathway to interaction -- either a reading, horoscope, or compatibility report.

Results are presented in a straightforward way with large, readable text, and color that is judiciously employed to highlight important information and trends. Iconography is used throughout the app to represent different areas of the user’s readings, such as health, emotions, and personal life.

Palmistry is a minimal app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.