Shine Approachable App Design

Shine is a motivational platform designed to help users achieve the goals they set for themselves, and to encourage them during challenging or difficult times in their lives.

The Shine app introduces users to the platform with a well-thought-out onboarding process. This process outlines the features of the app and lets users set up with an account through a series of quick, conversational steps.

The Shine app sends users a “Shine Text” every day, which is intended to be motivational and inspiring. The texts promise to cover a range of topics include self-improvement, emotional well-being and self-care.

The texts are short and simple, but they’re also interactive. The user can tap a call-to-action to prompt more information or click through to read an article related to the day’s topic. From the home screen, users can also browse through content organized around different themes, like “friends,” “work,” and “love.”

Shine also gives users access to mini-meditations, consisting of a series of affirmations designed to help users center themselves and regain balance. A handful of these are free, but most meditations require a subscription to be accessed.

The main functionality of the app design -- the “Shine Texts” -- is done through a conversational interface. The voice of the program is approachable, down-to-earth and distinctly designed to appeal to a millennial user base.

The design aesthetic is sunny and cheerful, keeping with the overall purpose of the Shine app. The app has a lightweight and minimalist vibe that’s well-punctuated by a series of pastel colors used to indicate different topics and call attention to important information.

Shine is an approachable app design in the Sports & Leisure industry.

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