Stitch Fix Engaging App Design

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that allows users to indicate their personal tastes and preferences and customizes clothing and accessory delivery boxes based on those preferences.

Users are paired with a personal stylist who creates a package of five items that is delivered to the user. Users can then choose to keep the items they like and return anything they don’t.

When users log in to the Stitch Fix app for the first time they’re taken through a style quiz to help determine their preferences. The style quiz is lengthy, and takes users through sizing, fit/cut, style, price, and an about section. The app does an admirable job of gamifying the quiz process so it feels fun as opposed to tedious. Written and visual feedback encourages the user to complete the process and reiterates receipt of responses.

Stitch Fix App Design

The design of the app is on the minimalist side of things. The background is done in muted grays and white. Typography is similarly either muted grey or basic black, with a teal accent color that helps identify when a task has been completed and orient the user in the style quiz process. A muted red is also used for calls-to-action.

The Stitch Fix app demonstrates a strong ability to engage users in completing what might otherwise feel like an onerous process -- filling out a lengthy style profile. Completing this profile on the app is made fun and engaging through the use of visuals and carefully-crafted copy that has an approachable and personable tone.

Stitch Fix is an engaging app design in the fashion & beauty industry.