Sydney Royal Easter Show Colorful App Design

The Sydney Royal Easter Show saw an opportunity to develop a mobile app that helps make the experience at their celebration more rewarding. By offering information on-the-go, they have given families an added connected to their event, as they experience the show for themselves.

Through the app, families can plan their day at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. By viewing maps and learning about attractions, families can create a unique experience for themselves that will make their time at the Sydney Royal Easter Show a hit.

The bright colors are in-line with the brand identity of the show itself. Bright purple dominates the menu section, while much of the site relies on fun photos to help build the experience in the minds of visitors.

Sydney Royal Easter Show App Design

By developing planning tools, maps, and more, the Sydney Royal Easter Show has created an app that helps increase user engagement, while also offering genuine value to families. The Sydney Royal Easter Show effectively uses technology to help grow the thing we value most: family time.

Sydney Royal Easter Show is a colorful app design in the arts & recreation and entertainment industries.