Tapas Engaging App Design

Tapas is an app for exploring and reading bite-sized chunks of comics and novels -- hence the very appropriate “tapas” moniker. The app boasts tens of thousands of stories that readers can consumer when they have a minute. No need to carve out reading time, Tapas content can be consumed during brief bouts of downtime -- on the bus, on a coffee break, wherever and whenever.

Upon logging in to the Tapas app for the first time, the user is taken through a quick onboarding process that features useful information on the purpose and use of the app, as well as cute animations that help convey the vibe of the platform.

The app is positively brimming with content, and it does an admirable job of making sure that content is easily discoverable and navigable. From the home screen users can toggle between comics and novels. They’re presented with new and noteworthy content represented by cover art. This card-based navigation makes the app feel vibrant and dynamic, while offering multiple pathways to discovery.

The app makes use of familiar gestures, like pulling down to refresh or swiping left to populate the next chapter or episode of content. Users can save content to their library so it’s easily accessible whenever they log in, and they can ever download content to read offline for moments when they don’t have an internet connection.

Tapas brings an innovative idea for content consumption to a young, engaged mobile audience. The nature of the chapter-by-chapter content release also makes the app sticky, giving users a reason to return regularly.

Tapas is an engaging app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.