Wishi User-Friendly App Design

Wishi is a personal styling service in the form of a mobile app. Wishi bills itself as a community of hundreds of stylists, and promises, “Tell us about yourself, and we'll connect you to the right ones who will create unique looks for you.”

The Wishi app experience begins with an onboarding process that explains the steps of using the service. Once the user moves past the onboarding, they’re prompted to answer a number of questions about their shopping behavior and preferences.

The answers to these questions allow Wishi to present the user with personal stylist recommendations based on their style and preferences. Each stylist has a bio where users can see the stylist’s photos to get a sense of their personal aesthetic. Users can also browse looks that the stylist has previously assembled and brands the stylist most often works with. The stylist profile also includes the cost per session.

With a stylist selected, the user completes information about their body type and preferences so their stylist can get started. Within the Wishi platform, users can chat with their stylists and get recommendations for looks until they find one they love.

The Wishi app has a functional design that makes carrying out a highly personalized objective feel seamless. Learning about stylists is easy, and there’s no shortage of style content to explore. A minimalist white-and-black palette puts the emphasis on the clothes, while a cheerful green accent color is used to orient users within the navigation and highlight important information.

Wishi is a user-friendly app design in the Professional Services and Fashion & Beauty industries. 

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