Cedrus Minimal Logo Design

Cedrus is a small company in San Pedro, California. They develop software and hardware for the psychology and psychophysiology research community.

The logo was created by Inkbot Design. Two stand out features include a gorgeous #3156F5 blue and the unique typeface.



Cedrus Clean Logo Design

The custom logotype exhibits rounded lines and a cutting-edge feel for a company that sells products in over 70 countries.

A tilted “e” letter symbolizes the precise eye trackers and EEG recorders manufactured by cedrus. These devices collect biometric data to help research psychologists make astounding discoveries.

After the custom “e” letter the “d” smoothly forms into a flowing circle with a short top line. The inside of the “d” resembles a water droplet akin to the refreshing insights that cedrus eye tracking products deliver, like a delivering a droplet of eye drops to dry eyes and refreshing a human’s visual clarity into reality.

The “ru” letters connect seamlessly and add visual flair. This gives the logotype a high level of personality and stimulates user interest. The logotype begins to look iconic and bold.

A futuristic “s” emits a futuristic feel like an electronic circuit board. It commands attention and concludes the logo with a bang.

Cedrus Typographic Logo Design

Using all lowercase letters maximizes the unified perception of the logo. It is not longer a word, it is an icon. A symbol. A logotype that can be stamped across a multitude of mediums from shirts to packages to the electronic devices that aid researchers in new frontiers. Combined with a beautiful mid color blue, the logo is regal and reaffirming. Blue is soothing and portrays authenticity, reliability, and peace.

Short spacing between the letters give the logo a compact feel with an end result being a striking piece of visual art.

Cedrus is a minimal logo design in the Medical & Pharmacy and Technology industries.