Happy Maple Clever Logo Design

Who doesn’t smile when they eat a donut? Happy Maple Donuts sports a simple logo that says a lot about their product. Take a bite, and you’ll be smiling.

The design is more than just a simple smiley face, though. The half circle represents a half-eaten donut, with the eyes and freckles representing leftover crumbs. It’s a very clever design created by using simple shapes.

The typography is a simple, sans serif typeface. The smiley face graphic is the real star here, so the text takes a back seat. It’s colorful, like the rest of the logo, but it doesn’t try to become the focal point.

Happy Maple Fun Logo Design

The alternate version of the Happy Maple Donuts logo is a real-life creation of the donut smiley face. This is used as their banner image on Facebook. You’ve probably never seen a logo that makes you drool before.

Happy Maple Great Logo Design

The beauty of this logo is in its simplicity. At its base level, there is only a half circle with some smaller circles and text. Using those simple design elements, a much more complex and fun image emerged that can even be adapted into the real world. This logo goes to show that creativity, with only a few design elements, is more effective than jamming as many design components into a single logo as possible.

Happy Maple Logo Design

Happy Maple is a fun logo design in the food & beverage industry.