Perceptive Things Creative Logo Design

Perceptive Things is a company that protects buildings from damaging incidents like water leaks, by deploying wireless battery-operated sensors in multi-story apartment buildings.

The sensors trigger instant notifications to property managers and residents which helps expedite response to incidents, reducing potential damage. This is a vital problem being addressed since every year the insurance industry pays out over $9 billion for water damage, more than any other of claim.

The Perceptive Things logo is an example of best logo design. The logo features a large vertical square outlines in blue, with apartment building that has a wireless sensor on the roof.

Relevance is key in the best logo designs. This is a jaw dropping example of relevance through creativity.

The lower half of the rectangle is filled in with #0093F7 blue. This represents potential flooding and water incidents that plague insurance companies each year. “Perceptive Things” jumps out of the blue water in pure white and a custom Roboto typeface.

Notice the building which features blue lines connecting the entire building and windows to the water below. Perceptive Things technology sensors are represented as a visual metaphor showing a wirelessly connected smart building. The windows resemble circuit boards and they connect to an antenna on the top which beams a wireless signal to tenants and property owners every single moment.


Perceptive Things Icon Design

This logo is absolutely gorgeous. It showcases the company product in a masterful use of creativity. The viewer instantly recognizes that the building is electronically connected and the blue is synonymous with water.

The Perceptive Things logo takes originality and creativity to a level of connection with the viewer akin to the wireless sensors that save insurance companies and property owners millions of dollars each year.

Perceptive Things is creative logo design in the Technology industry.