Zipline Simple Logo Design

Two billion people lack adequate access to medical products like blood and vaccines due to rugged terrain and poorly built infrastructure.

Meet Zipline.

Zipline is a company making lifesaving deliveries by what they call “Zips” and we know as “Drones.”

You know, those little, remote controlled flying machines that forced the FAA to set height limits to protect jetliners known as

The name Drones has a bad rep. Zipline created their own term, “Zips” to avoid any negative association.

The company started in Kigali, Rwanda where a young woman who just gave birth by C-section was losing blood.

Doctors could not stop the bleeding. Ordering blood from the nearest blood bank and then sending it 25 miles over crackled rock and mountainous roads would take four hours.

She was about to die.

Clinic workers and a flight staff loaded a group of small remote-controlled aircraft with the necessary supplies and launched them into the sky.

In 45 minutes, seven units of blood, four units of plasma, and two units of platelets circulated into that young woman’s body.

They saved her life.

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Zipline Clean Logo Design

This is what the company Zipline partakes in on a daily basis.

Their logo color is #E73C3E red. This symbolizes the emergency situations they tackle on a daily basis, including the delivery of blood to save lives.

Two symmetrical paper planes form the letter “Z” in the logomark.


Zipline Logo Design

This logo is clever, relevant, and symmetrical. The red represents the vaccines, medicine, and blood that its fleet of Zips delivers across Rwanda.

The logo is a perfect and witty summary of a life-saving business model. And the use of two paper planes to form the letter “Z” is a creative gem that makes this logo iconic and gorgeous.

Zipline is a simple logo design in the Hospitality, Medical & Pharmacy, Non-Profit and Technology industries.

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