ACH Vegan Chocolate Package Design

Veganism has risen exponentially in the last decade. More people are becoming vegetarians to reduce animal suffering and lessen their environmental impact on the world with conscious food choices.

An emerging market has prospered to address the needs of traditional foods that can be enjoyed by vegans with zero guilt.

ACH is a brand based in Lithuania that produced vegan chocolate. Recently, ACH launched a limited edition vegan chocolate just in time for Christmas. The chocolate is enchanting. This is a rich chocolate with almonds and pollen that is milk free and prime for vegan enjoyment.

TYGELIS manufactured the packaging. The package design is stunning. The goal was to covey the holiday spirit and winter season and that goal was passed with flying colors.

Gold foil wraps around the rich chocolate bars with holiday themed typographical cursive that transports you into the enchanting spirit of the holidays. Flowing lines that curve and blend with a calligraphy fountain pen style make each package look like a work of art. The words “Good for Vegans” reassures consumers that this is the product Vegans have hoped for and can enjoy in any amount their hearts should desire.

ACH Vegan Chocolate Clean Package Design

The winter and mint green packaging highlights the word Pollen with the ingredients displayed atop the chocolate bar.

ACH Vegan Chocolate Elegant Package Design

Crackled almonds sit atop a chocolate bar next to a mahogany colored almond bar packaging. The golden colored foil font stands out to make the bars the ultimate vegan holiday gifts.

ACH Vegan Chocolate Package Design

The packaging design is warm, filled with holiday spirit, and vegan conscious. Gold foil, calligraphy based typography, and holiday themed graphical elements make the ACH limited edition vegan chocolate a true gift to satisfy the chocolate craving taste buds of vegans everywhere.

ACH Vegan Chocolate is a sophisticated package design in the Food & Beverage industry.