Bald Eagle Beer Co. Colorful Packaging Design

Within the world of packaging, there is a sacred realm that can make or break the entire product. You will walk into this world and experience the gems that are the attributes of best packaging design.

There's stunning color contrast. Minimalism. The use of typography. Unity.

But you will also stumble upon another gem. That is the gem of illustration.

Bald Eagle Beer Co. chose designer Jonathan Quintin to lead the battle and wield the sword of illustration. The result is a striking package design that smites all other beer cans on the mountainside.

From left to right, we have a salmon color in #FF6044, a turquoise in #20D5D4, and a bold yellow in #FED407.

These bold hues and delicate drawings were crafted to ensure the product flies off the shelves by ensuring it stands out from the competition. Bald Eagle Beer Co.'s execution shows us elements that can work in all package designs, though. 

Use bright and bold colors. Capture consumers' attention. Each of the colors that Bald Eagle Beer uses refreshes their vision, like splashing cold water on your face in the morning. They wake you up. They will catch the eye of the potential customer starting into the sea of selection.

Bald Eagle Beer Co. Illustrated Packaging Design

Looking at the three cans sitting side by side, we can see unity. Having an overall theme to a product with different versions create an eye-catching aesthetic that captures the consumer’s attention. One overall theme unites the products to increase brand awareness.

In the consumer’s mind, they realize they have options and if they choose one product they can go back and try the other.

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Bald Eagle Beer Co. Gorgeous Packaging Design

A close of view of the beer can show off the illustration and line work. It is outstanding and symmetrical. Symmetry exists in all realms of nature down to the microscopic level. The human eye has a natural affinity for and is attracted to symmetry.

Symmetry keeps the aesthetic clean and is pleasant to look at. A pleasant looking product will stand out on store shelves and separate your package design from all others on the shelf.

Close-up of Bald Eagle Beer Co. Packaging Design

A close-up view of the illustration compared to the view of the actual can shows that the symmetry and unity of the design remain the same regardless of viewing distance.

Eagle Beer Co. Great Packaging Design

It seems the beautiful aesthetic is more enhanced with brighter colors. Here a gorgeous yellow in #FED407 highlights this eye-popping and lush color choice.

Eagle Beer Co. Fun Packaging Design

The blue hue #20D5D4 is mesmerizing. Notice the color contrast between the orange/red #D5B12A and yellow ALC/VOL symbols.

The Bald Eagle Beer Co.'s package design is stunning. The qualities that make it reign over its competitors are unity, minimalism, typography, symmetry, and illustration. Use these qualities in your package design, and you too will have a product that stands out on store shelves, regardless of current trends, because these qualities are timeless.

Bald Eagle Beer Co. is an illustrated packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry. 

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