Bayly & Moore Book Packaging Design

Bayly & Moore’s Takes Its Wedding Photography Packaging Design To A Whole New Level

Bayly & Moore is a photography company that specializes in wedding photography. The company was created by a duo in New Zealand passionate about the creation of memories and the preserving of these experiences for years to come.

The pair began shooting photography together in 2009, and over the years their expertise and talent grew. They now run an award-winning company with a portfolio that's more than a mile long.

But they refuse to go stagnant. The team wanted to give their products a fresh and modern look, enlisting the help of Think Packaging to help them create a wedding photography packaging that would do their photos justice.

Bayly & Moore wanted to make sure that the way they handed over a couple’s finished wedding story was a beautiful ‘full-stop’ to that whole adventure. Considering the industry has become heavily digital, dominated by online galleries and social media posts, we aimed for a tactile and experiential way to deliver what was essentially a USB of image files and to bring back the excitement of getting a well-travelled package from the other side of the world.

The resulting packaging is a work of art in its own right. It can stand the test of time, and the test of a long haul flight. It can be opened to reignite nostalgic memories or left closed on an end table to give your home a regal and sophisticated look.

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Bayly & Moore Book Cover Packaging Design

The Bayly & Moore Packaging Takes The Form Of A Stunning Novel

Upon looking at this packaging, you instantly know it's unique. Taking the shape of a book, this packaging opens up to reveal the stunning photography that lies within.

But it's just as gorgeous on the outside as it is on the inside.

Wrapped in a black matte, textured coating, this book-like design exudes class and sophistication. It's moody, deep and dark.

There is gold foiling on the front which writes out the name of the brand. It's simple, minimal and exciting.

Inside, the shape is equally engaging and fun. There are little pockets that hold different aspects of the product. There are the beautiful photos itself held inside a dark black pouch. There's also a tag with information inside, written out in a majestic and mysterious way.

This design really takes the book theme seriously. There are grooves along the supposed pages, binding that holds it all together and a lock and key contraption that really gives this an old-world vibe.

Similarly, shape and form take center stage in its mailer form as well. Wrapped in an all-natural looking coating, with simple, subtle black and gold coloring, this design travels the world in style

This is a design that looks almost better untouched -- though you're happily surprised with the photography within.

Bayly & Moore Open Book Packaging Design

Bayly & Moore’s Photography Wrapping Sets The Mood With Dark Color And Minimal Typography

From its shape to its choice of color, this design reigns supreme.

There's a mystery and an excellence about this design that comes from the choice of color and materials. Going with a novel-like shape adds a history and sophistication that can't be ignored, but it's the colors that set the mood.

The matte blacks are extremely inviting. They pull you in and make you think hard and deep. They also make for a design that doubles as a decor piece -- black is always in, and it fits in with almost any interior design theme.

Similarly, there's a regalness that comes from the gold foil. It's full of honor and grandeur and class.

It can't be ignored.

And this themes is carried out throughout. There are gold and black accents inside, on the packaging and even in the outer mailing package.

This branding is consistent and alluring. It's enigmatic and supreme.

It elicits emotions -- much like the memories it holds within.

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Bayly & Moore Materials Packaging Design

Bayly & Moore Revolutionizes Photography Packaging With Its Wedding Photo Containers

Wedding photography gets a facelift with this packaging design for Bayly & Moore photos.

These designs are more than just a way to get a product from point A to point B. They are a work of art. They create an experience. They extend the excitement and the memories of a couple's big day for years to come.

Instead of coming on a USB or in a generic sleeve, these photos are contained within a book-like packaging. It's sleek, sophisticated and moody with its matte black covering and shiny gold copy.

There's a regal and sophisticated aspect to this design that exudes luxury.

To ensure these photos don't get damaged, these designs are encased in a natural-looking cardboard container that keeps them safe and protected. There's a minimalism to this packaging that's elevated with the moody blacks and regal golds.

These designs open like a book as well, with a black pouch, touching materials and the product photography encased within like this is a book with a secret compartment. It's mysterious and dark and elusive.

This modern and mysterious packaging design takes photography packaging to a new and exciting level.

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